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 (sĭn′ər-jĕt′ĭk) also syn·er·gic (sĭ-nûr′jĭk)


a variant of synergistic
[C17: from Greek sunergētikos, from syn- + -ergētikos, from ergon work; see energy]


(ˌsɪn ərˈdʒɛt ɪk)

working together; cooperative.
[1675–85; < Greek synergētikós]
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Adj.1.synergetic - working together; used especially of groups, as subsidiaries of a corporation, cooperating for an enhanced effect; "a synergistic effect"
cooperative - done with or working with others for a common purpose or benefit; "a cooperative effort"


Working together toward a common end:
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Rios, Asset Manager and Capital Markets of Synergetic Investment Group.
The session concluded with a resolve to continue our struggle against the menace of violent extremism through a synergetic, whole-of-the-nation approach based on the principle of 'collective potential and shared responsibility'.
BANGKOK, Aug 21, 2017 - (ACN Newswire) - Synergetic Auto Performance (SET:ASAP) Chief Executive Officer, Mr.
Krones President and CEO Holger Beckmann said, Javlyns experience and know-how in the field of process technology is very synergetic to Krones, and its customer base is a great fit for us.
Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan strongly favours cooperation and synergetic partnerships across regions for socioeconomic development and human prosperity.
Huawei Network Value+ comes with the promise to provide professional solutions for synergetic development of digital business, backed by capabilities, such as valued user identification and precision planning.
The authors cover the end of therapeutic schools within psychology, psychotherapy as providing conditions for self-organization, synergetic process management, the synergetic navigation system, the connections between monitoring and therapy, conceptual developments in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, case studies in systemic psychotherapy, integrated systemic psychotherapy, and a wide variety of other related subjects over the bookAEs ten chapters.
Founded in 1957 as an architectural firm, Lemay is an integrated design firm combining architecture, urban design, interior design, landscape architecture, structural engineering and branding into a multidisciplinary, synergetic ensemble.
Thanks to the synergetic composition of Cavex Bite&White ExSense, the hydroxyapatite penetrates deep into the tubules and micro- cracks in the enamel.
A complex-valued synergetic neural network is trained using a quantum particle swarm optimization to perform a classification test.
The study also earmarks the key drivers of industry that its stakeholders need to put in place to engage the youth in a more synergetic way, achieving a seamless integration of skill and employability that is the bedrock of development.
Mr Davies, who was made managing director of Magstim in 2012, said: "The acquisition of Seren Medical by Magstim is a fantastic opportunity to align synergetic neurological products into market, contributing to Magstim's ambitious plans for growth.