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1. Of or relating to synergy: a synergistic effect.
2. Producing or capable of producing synergy: synergistic drugs.
3. Christianity Of or relating to synergism.

syn′er·gis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.synergistically - (of group) in a synergistic or cooperative manner
2.synergistically - (of drugs or muscles) in a synergistic or interactive manner
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When one looks at the Skin Renewal System, it is important to remember that the four products work synergistically to restore every aspect of skin damage.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- Ever wonder what the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise is or how both types of activities work synergistically to form a well-rounded training regimen?
A national MS movement can show the world the scientific and medical progress that can be achieved when collaboration and competition work synergistically.
The patented process for Veinseal[R] sand additives, along with E-Shield[TM] refractory coatings, work synergistically to eliminate such casting defects as veining and penetration in addition to improving the surface finish of gray and ductile iron castings, thus, reducing cleaning room costs.
Greensboro, NC) has patented plant-protecting active ingredient mixtures having synergistically enhanced action and to a method of improving the growth of plants, comprising applying to the plants or the locus thereof at least three active ingredient components together.
We are replicating the design elements, approaches and strategies that work together synergistically to achieve the outcome,'' said Elliot, co-founder and CEO of PUC schools.
Moinian indicated that he has been meeting with Wang to discuss development possibilities for the site, specifically what types of projects he could build that would work synergistically with Wang's plans.
This article describes the School Technology Leadership Initiative, an innovative graduate-level curriculum that addresses the technology needs of school administrators by synergistically blending national standards, situated learning theory, blended instruction, and technology tools.
But the trio acted synergistically to upregulate a regulatory subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase, a ubiquitous protein involved in neurologic pathways and a key regulator of neuronal growth in the clam embryo model.
This effect is amplified synergistically when Aphton's drug is given together with a chemotherapeutic.
He remarked that some of Ricon's "customers monitoring the release performance of their synergistically coated molds think that we must be using secret technology and hesitate to let others inspect the molds.
The point is to work oneself up into a frenzy of painterliness, each gesture synergistically interacting with every other, to create a kind of orgasmic resonance.