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n. sinovectomía, extirpación de una membrana sinovial.
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5,6) In persistent knee arthritis, arthroscopic synovectomy and radiosynoviorthesis were performed consecutively with reduced pain and increased range of motion.
Patient underwent excision of the lipomatous growth with synovectomy of the right knee followed by left with relief of his symptoms.
Various applications of the posterior transseptal portal have been proposed including total arthroscopic synovectomy of the posterior compartment, removal of loose bodies or tumors behind the PCL, suture fixation of an avulsion of the PCL from the tibia, reconstruction of the PCL, and repair of the posterior horn or root of the medial meniscus.
We reported a case of PVNS following TKA; initially, arthroscopic synovectomy was performed; however, recurrence of PVNS happened.
In other cases, before deformity becomes severe, a surgical procedure called synovectomy -- removing the swollen tissue surrounding the joint -- can be effective.
of Patients) Surgery A B C (Buprenorphine) (Morphine) (Placebo) ACL 11 10 13 Reconstruction Meniscectomy 6 3 5 Partial 0 2 0 Meniscectomy Synovectomy 3 5 2 Table 4: VAS at 0 Hour Group VAS A B C (Buprenorphine) (Morphine) (Placebo) 0 20 20 0 3 0 0 6 4 0 0 7 5 0 0 4 6 0 0 3 Table 5: Comparison of Analgesia at 0 Hour Group A B C (Buprenorphine) (Morphine) (Placebo) VAS <3 20 20 6 VAS >3 0 0 14 VAS <3--Adequate analgesia, VAS >3--Inadequate analgesia.
Those 38 cases included chondroplasty, lysis of adhesions or manipulation, cyst removal, meniscal allograft transplantation, meniscus repair, lateral release, synovectomy, subchondroplasty, biopsy, and removal of loose body.
A controlled clinical trial investigated whether arthroscopic debridement and synovectomy of the TM joint would improve outcomes in patients with stage I and stage II TM OA.
There is also some evidence that radionuclide synovectomy can help reduce hemarthrosis and prevent hemophilic arthropathy.
Synovectomy is an option that can help some patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), but it is used less and less frequently.