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Noun1.synset - a set of one or more synonyms
Princeton WordNet, WordNet - a machine-readable lexical database organized by meanings; developed at Princeton University
set - a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used; "a set of books"; "a set of golf clubs"; "a set of teeth"
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However, the polarity scores are often different for each of the synset entries.
If no match is found, two possible relations of interest are taken; the synonyms or equivalent terms and hypernyms where ontology concept is more general than WordNet synset of query terms.
Each phrase suggests the objectiveness and negative and positive prejudice of synset.
machines must be prepared a software and a hardware processing system synset global and compatible to the control and visualization software i-design 3d visualization, quotations and production sheets.
The synset, hypernym and hyponym of ontology can obtained in WordNet, but closely related information to ontology, such as concept, class, relation, function, axioms, instance, RDF, OWL, etc.
Therefore, the words that have the same meaning are grouped together in a group called Synset and the words are classified into four parts of speech (POS): nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
Fuente: Gohring 2009: 6) Nivel Anotacion Ejemplos linguistico Morfosintaxis clase de palabra etiquetas PoS Morfologia flexion lematizacion etiquetas PoS lemas Sintaxis constituencia categorias sintagmaticas sintagmatica etiquetas de dependencia sintagmatica dependencias campos orden de la oracion topologicos Semantica nombres de entidades etiquetas PoS WordNet (named entities, NE) synset, etiquetas PoS sentidos de las etiquetas de roles, palabras roles, frames esquemas FrameNet Pragmatica correferencia discurso vinculos anaforicos cadenas de argumentos
POS ID Pos Neg Synset Gloss Score Score Tenns n 00340463 0 0 make#2 the act of mixing cards haphazardly that?
In the project LOIS (Peters et alii 2007), a multilingual database of legal terminology built on the WordNet model, monolingual wordnets are autonomously created and then mapped to the others by means of the Inter-Lingual-Index (ILI), a set of equivalence relations of each concept (synset) with an English synset.
Precisamente, foram selecionados todos os conceitos, codificados em synsets, mais especificos que o conceito subjacente ao synset {wheeled vehicle}, ou seja, todos os hiponimos de {wheeled vehicle}.