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 (sĭn-tăk′tĭk) or syn·tac·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
Of, relating to, or conforming to the rules of syntax.

[Greek suntaktikos, putting together, from suntaktos, constructed, from suntassein, to construct; see syntax.]

syn·tac′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.syntactically - with respect to syntax; "syntactically ill-formed"
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The inner object is possible for any verbal lexeme, where, as we have seen above ([section]2), the verbal lexeme is represented by a cognate infinitive, but in the accusative (and is syntactically adverbial).
We should not admit categorial restrictions on the significance of syntactically well-formed strings.
Kvavik compares several acoustic correlates in syntactically ambiguous sentences in response to an utterance prompt that intended to force either an imperative or a declarative reading as in (1):
nLint checks a comprehensive set of rules to help designers create syntactically and semantically correct HDL code, the popular language of electronics design.
The texts, which were displayed as typed pages or as wall drawings, are structurally and syntactically akin to Surrealist automatic writing and to Concrete poetry.
Direct Answers for the Enterprise works by parsing a users' initial query, and analyzing it syntactically and semantically in a process that takes milliseconds.
Among their topics are the syntax of light inversion in English, a frame-semantic approach to identifying syntactically relevant elements of meaning, and a corpus analysis of enclitics in Hocak.
a construction in which the agent remains syntactically and pragmatically unmarked and unspecified.
Drawing heavily on Frege's notion of "substitution," Brandom argues in answer to the first question that syntactically, singular terms "play the substitution-inferential role of being substituted for" (p.
It has been claimed in the generative lexical-semantics literature that only skeletal meanings like "X ACT" or "X CAUSE Y to GO" are syntactically relevant aspects of verb meaning, and that the particulars of the manner designated by the verb are opaque to syntax (Pinker 1989; Jackendoff 1990, among others).
executes each batch and flags syntactically incorrect lines.
Space is converted into a storehouse of memory in which an inventory of unconnected pieces is syntactically ordered as if it were a question of signs destined to form verbal constructions to which we are not accustomed.