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Noun1.syntactician - a linguist who specializes in the study of grammar and syntax
linguist, linguistic scientist - a specialist in linguistics
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On the other hand, a belief of the same (or similar) content, when held by O, a syntactician researching Wh-movement or a student taking a syntax class, can result in an extremely rich array of inferential possibilities: it can combine with other beliefs to allow O to conclude that linguistic rules are structure dependent, that Move-[alpha] follows the shortest path, that a given sentence would make a nice example for a lecture, or that she should be writing her paper on movement if she intends to get tenured anytime soon.
I asked a professor of Polish linguistics, a syntactician, about what Polish grammars say about such structures.
That lore turns out to be wrong--those bragging rights actually belong to Lucien Tesniere, an obscure French syntactician who died in 1954 at the age of forty-five before his groundbreaking work, The Elements of Structural Syntax, could be published.
Haj joined the linguistics faculty at MIT as a syntactician.
Foley, well-known syntactician and anthropological linguist, talks about how we use language to construct models for construing experience.
Setting out both general (and well-substantiated) conclusions, and extensive studies of individual words (complete with the set of relevant citations from the data corpus), this study in fact offers a wealth of information, of interest not only to the diachronic syntactician but also for students of literary style.
From the point of view of a generative syntactician working in a more recent framework (as reflected by Culicover 1997, Roberts 1997, Radford 1997, Haegeman -- Gueron 1999), these results may seem disturbing.
On this, every Chomskyan syntactician nowadays agrees without difficulty.
37) differs from real cases of VP ellipsis given that, as already known of syntacticians working on BP, stripping cannot appear within an island (CYRINO; MATOS, 2002) (see (37')).
So far as structural Case assignment in Pashto conjoined subjects constructions is concerned we find that neither the traditional nor the generative grammarians/ syntacticians bothered to study structural Case assignment or conjoined subjects either traditionally or generatively.
Arabic scripts initially were amorphous and had no points, but it is reported that the first known Syntacticians i.