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Noun1.syntactician - a linguist who specializes in the study of grammar and syntax
linguist, linguistic scientist - a specialist in linguistics
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I asked a professor of Polish linguistics, a syntactician, about what Polish grammars say about such structures.
Haj joined the linguistics faculty at MIT as a syntactician.
Foley, well-known syntactician and anthropological linguist, talks about how we use language to construct models for construing experience.
In the 13th and 14th rounds of competition, Yuan correctly spelled syntactician and hyperborean to win the competition.
From the point of view of a generative syntactician working in a more recent framework (as reflected by Culicover 1997, Roberts 1997, Radford 1997, Haegeman -- Gueron 1999), these results may seem disturbing.
On this, every Chomskyan syntactician nowadays agrees without difficulty.
Arabic scripts initially were amorphous and had no points, but it is reported that the first known Syntacticians i.
It provides a solid portion of highly valuable language data, which will be very interesting for many syntacticians.
The papers include contributions from both syntacticians and phonologists.
This article explores at length all these issues and offers a critical survey of the disconcerting situation dominating today's relationship between syntacticians and acquisitionists.
For use in graduate seminars on the Minimalist Program and as a reference for syntacticians.