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n. pl. syn·the·ses (-sēz′)
a. The combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole.
b. The complex whole so formed.
2. Chemistry Formation of a compound from simpler compounds or elements.
3. Philosophy
a. Reasoning from the general to the particular; logical deduction.
b. The combination of thesis and antithesis in the Hegelian dialectical process whereby a new and higher level of truth is produced.

[Latin, collection, from Greek sunthesis, from suntithenai, to put together : sun-, syn- + tithenai, to put; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

syn′the·sist n.
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Noun1.synthesist - an intellectual who synthesizes or uses synthetic methods
intellectual, intellect - a person who uses the mind creatively
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Yet, while Elvis may have been a far more adept musical synthesist than an actual innovator, the power, range and emotional depth of his singing - on stage and on record - were undeniable.
Music comes from synthesist James Binary, UpitUp's Jacques Malchance and TJ Riberts of DJ duo Tomasu.
Richard Roberts has previously produced almost 20 solo and collaborative albums as Zero Ohms, including three with synthesist Craig Padilla (Path of Least Resistance (2005), Beyond the Portal (2009), and When the Earth Is Far Away (2012).
1) The film, a thirty-seven-minute montage choreographing twenty-three black-and-white shots of the underwater nuclear explosion to the accompaniment of a transcendent dual score by pioneering synthesist Patrick Gleeson and composer Terry Riley, is today considered Conner's masterpiece and one of the most provocative and compelling works to address the atomic era.
The Shimmering Land is an ambient, New Age album by synthesist and licensed psychoanalyst Meg Bowles.
Science Heroes is singer and guitarist Andrew Weber and synthesist Josiah Martens.
The restaurant is MoZaic on Main Street downtown, and the power behind its knockout menu is a singular chef from Morocco named Dylan Elhajoui, a culinary synthesist like none we've seen before.
Siri Keeton, a Synthesist rendered unable to feel emotion due to an epilepsy cure she had as a child, is one of a crew of altered humans aboard the Theseus.
195) Another approach is that of the synthesist, who argues for constitutional coherency and consistency.
He is a perceptive synthesist, who recognizes the high seriousness of Wagner's intentions, and who draws fruitfully on Wagner's own accounts, in the letters to Rockel and Frau Wesendonck, to convey the grandeur of Wagner's artistic aims.
The celebratory accedes to lists and lakes and limericks, stars of David and protean swastikas and all manner of invasions of the page, and some of the same sorts of typographical features; though this time, much more text is heaped among the visual markers--but all the play of form and surface here has a devastating agenda--which is not to say these two texts decades apart are black and white--no, Gass is too much the synthesist for that.