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Adj.1.synthetical - involving or of the nature of synthesis (combining separate elements to form a coherent whole) as opposed to analysis; "limnology is essentially a synthetic science composed of elements...that extend well beyond the limits of biology"- P.S.Welch
2.synthetical - of a proposition whose truth value is determined by observation or facts; "`all men are arrogant' is a synthetic proposition"
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
a posteriori - involving reasoning from facts or particulars to general principles or from effects to causes; "a posteriori demonstration"
inductive - of reasoning; proceeding from particular facts to a general conclusion; "inductive reasoning"
logical - capable of or reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning; "a logical mind"
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At the synthetical projection value, the distribution characteristics of projection value are required to be as follows: the local projection points should be possibly intensive and would better gather into some point clusters; however, on the whole, the projection points and clusters should possibly disperse.
Lewis was thus probably the greatest socio-political satirist of his times, publishing during his life twenty-two novels, most of which were, according to Schorer (1962: 54, 57), "loosely episodic chronicle[s]," in which he created a vast synthetical panorama of American life, his works unfolding and growing from the journalistic profession he embraced at the beginning, and whose methods and style profoundly influenced him.
This cartilaginous tube being the main organ of the lungs, constitutes the basis of the vocal apparatus, and has been defined by eminent physiologists; therefore I do not think it necessary here to speak of the synthetical studies of this powerful organ of phonation; but I will add that the larynx with relation to the singing voice has two motions which we must bear in mind in connection with the timbres of the vocal sound.
Institute of Systems Science, State Key Laboratory of Synthetical Automation for Process Industries, Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning 110819, China
This work was part supported by, Beijing University of Chemical Technology Interdisciplinary Funds for "Visual Media Computing" and the open-project grant funded by the State Key Laboratory of Synthetical Automation for Process Industry at the Northeastern University in China.
The management of the mentioned problems is made, as appropriate, indental or oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic or in outpatient services, having some peculiarities in approaching chronic alcoholic patients [4], that we will try to present in a synthetical manner.
Effects of synthetical intervention on family environment in rural schizophrenia].
The secret will be found to be in the making [man] the depository of the powers respecting himself, so far as he is competent to them, and delegating only what is beyond his competence by a synthetical process, to higher and higher orders of functionaries, so as to trust fewer and fewer powers in proportion as the trustees become more and more oligarchical.
The dialectical and synthetical relationship of universality and particularity may be suggested in the most general terms.
Their advantage is not only in purification effectiveness, but also in economic feasibility in comparison with some synthetical sorbents.
It is a multilayered investigative, analytical and synthetical project that focuses on the African world; the African world consists of the continent of Africa and its diaspora, while the African Diaspora is constituted by the African-origin communities located outside of the African continent (Okafor, 2013, p.
As Vygotsky (1978) posited, when a learner synthesizes experiences mediated by the cultural tools and artifacts, a synthetical moment occurs as that learner reflects abstractively and is able to conceptualize meaning as a whole.