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Noun1.system clock - a time-of-day clock in a computer system
clock - a timepiece that shows the time of day
2.system clock - an electronic device in a computer that issues a steady high-frequency signal that synchronizes all the internal components
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically
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Synchronous (state-mode) capture means that the measurement system in the logic analyzer determines the logic value of digital parallel buses or control lines when there's an associated valid clock, such as a rising edge on a system clock line.
A 24 V peak-peak square wave output is provided that is in sync with the AC line frequency and can be used as a system clock for timing applications.
Options include a digital audio carrier digitizer with eye diagrams and carrier spectra, multi-channel I/O switchers, and an atomic rubidium system clock.
The SSP1493 operates off a fully internal 150 MHz system clock that doesn't require external timing components.
Coverage includes the fundamentals of digital video compression, digital video coding standards, transcoding algorithms and systems architecture, optimization of transcoding performance, video transport transcoding, system clock recovering and time stamping, transcoder video buffer and hypothetical reference decoder, cryptography and conditional access, application and implementation of transcoding, universal multimedia access with emerging standard MPEG-21, and the end-to-end test bed.
Other improvements include e-mail alerts if any event occurs and system clock protection so that any changes made to the system clock are notified to an authorised individual.
To enhance system performance, the new chip offers two built-in clock systems: a 10MHz system clock generator and a 32KHz sub-clock generator.
For example, the operating software for the CCD cameras made by the Santa Barbara Instrument Group "stamps" images with the date and time from the computer's system clock when storing them.
In this mode, the system clock and the peripherals continue to operate from the same source and at the same speed, while the CPU clock speed is reduced.
The new release enables PC users to view the time on their desktop, hear hourly, half-hourly or quarter hourly chimes, set alarms, set the system clock from atomic clocks over the Internet, customise alarm sounds and download themes, skins and collections.
If left unchecked, these drifts can accumulate and result in significant errors in the computer system clock.

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