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tr.v. sys·tem·ized, sys·tem·iz·ing, sys·tem·iz·es
To systematize.

sys′tem·i·za′tion (-tə-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
sys′tem·iz′er n.
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Systematic arrangement and design:
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Vision's products integrate database conversion: database service interfacing: network and telecommunication consulting; systemization for business procedures; training; system and implementation support; development tools and project management.
Subsequent tasks will be awarded for design completion, construction, systemization (start-up testing), pilot testing, operation, and ultimately, closure.
Additional task orders under this basic contract will be awarded in the future for subsequent phases of the effort, including design completion, construction, systemization, pilot testing, operation, and ultimately, closure.
Invitation to tender: the subject of procurement is: systemization, scanning and electronic data processing geotechnical city cadastre.
Absentee owner due to shrewd systemization run with only a handful of key employees.
As a global leader in clinical laboratory systemization and solutions, Sysmex provides clinical diagnostics, automation and information systems and services for hospitals and healthcare networks, reference laboratories and physicians' offices worldwide.
Its earliest definition refers to a "science of morals" or a systemization of morality.
Without role-based architecture a company would not be able to segment the application, provide controls on the tasks, drive systemization, and establish company hierarchy.
The Valbridge technology platform will permit mind hiving within its national brain trust, world-class business systemization, collaboration on any valuation assignment and allow its appraisers to produce at above industry standards.
They blend systemization with motivation, outlining lessons that are sequenced and structured, pedagogy that is research-based, and purposefully-chosen content and methodology, while making instruction engaging and individualized.
Sysmex Corporation is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemization and solutions, including laboratory diagnostics, laboratory automation and clinical information systems.
Based on lessons learned at JACADS, the Army determined that all aspects of each CONUS site's construction, systemization, operation, and closure would be awarded to a single systems contractor.