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n. pl. ta·ble·spoon·fuls
The amount that a tablespoon can hold.


(ˈteɪ bəl spunˌfʊl)

n., pl. -fuls.
1. the amount a tablespoon can hold.
2. a volumetric measure equal to ½ fluid ounce (14.8 ml), or three teaspoonfuls.
usage: See -ful.
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Noun1.tablespoonful - as much as a tablespoon will holdtablespoonful - as much as a tablespoon will hold  
containerful - the quantity that a container will hold
مِقْدار مِلَعَقَة الطَّعام
polévková lžíce
servis kaşığı dolusu miktar


[ˈteɪblˌspuːnfʊl] Ncucharada f grande


[ˈteɪbəlspuːnfʊl] ncuillerée f à soupe


(ˈteibl) noun
1. a piece of furniture consisting of a flat, horizontal surface on legs used eg to put food on at meals, or for some games. Put all the plates on the table.
2. a statement of facts or figures arranged in columns etc. The results of the experiments can be seen in table 5.
3. the people sitting at a table. The whole table heard what he said.
ˈtablecloth noun
a cloth for covering a table, usually for a meal. an embroidered tablecloth.
table linen
tablecloths, napkins etc. They gave us table linen as a wedding present.
ˈtablespoon noun
1. a large spoon, used eg for serving food.
2. a tablespoonful. Add a tablespoon of sugar.
ˈtablespoonful noun
the amount that will fill a tablespoon. two tablespoonfuls of jam.
table tennis
a game played on a table with small bats and a light ball; ping pong.
lay/set the table
to put a tablecloth, plates, knives, forks etc on a table for a meal. The meal is ready – will you lay the table?


n cucharada sopera or grande, cucharada, 15 ml
References in classic literature ?
Some of the less important dailies give one a tablespoonful of a continued story every day; it is strung across the bottom of the page, in the French fashion.
He drew from his pocket a little phial and poured into a wine-glass which stood on a table by the side of the bed, half a dozen drops of some ruby-coloured liquid, to which he added a tablespoonful of water.
It has been inside the book ever since--and--and--this is what is such a marvel to me, the knife only went in a couple of inches at most, just under her left breast, and there wasn't more than half a tablespoonful of blood altogether, not more.
An adult takes one tablespoonful daily, while children take a spoonful of it diluted with water.
A tablespoonful of grit is enough to treat a square metre.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and scoop dough onto baking sheet by the tablespoonful 1 inch apart.
For some relief, try a tablespoonful of paprika and one of molasses per day.
Place a tablespoonful of the tuna mixture on each baguette slice.
Drop 1 large tablespoonful of the batter per pancake into the pan to make pancakes about 7.