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also tab·ou·ret  (tăb′ə-rĕt′, -rā′)
1. A low stool.
2. A low table or cabinet, often on casters.
3. An embroidery frame.

[French tabouret, from Middle French, drum-shaped pin cushion, taboret, from diminutive of tabour, tabor, from Old French; see tabor.]


(ˈtæbərɪt) or


1. (Furniture) a low stool, originally in the shape of a drum
2. (Knitting & Sewing) a frame, usually round, for stretching out cloth while it is being embroidered
3. (Instruments) Also called: taborin or tabourin a small tabor
[C17: from French tabouret, diminutive of tabor]


or tab•ou•ret

(ˌtæb əˈrɛt, -ˈreɪ)

1. a low seat without back or arms; stool.
3. a small, usu. portable stand or chest.
[1650–60; < French tabouret literally, small drum]


- An artist's multi-drawer cabinet table for tools and materials.
See also related terms for materials.
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Noun1.taboret - a low stool in the shape of a drum
stool - a simple seat without a back or arms


n (Sew) → Stickrahmen m
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Inspired by taboret stools dating back to the court of Louis XIV in Versailles, this contemporary iteration is updated with modern silhouette and lacquer finish ($395).
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A tabouret or taboret is a French stool from the court of Louis XIV and was a seat available to a few privileged women while in the royal presence.
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