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or ta·bou·li (tə-bo͞o′lē)
Variants of tabbouleh.
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The usual tabouleh and fattoush (both Dh40) are all there, but if you are looking to pique your palate then order a shanklish (Dh50) or small balls of matured labneh coated with sesame, sumac, walnuts and lots of zaatar in olive oil.
Also for meal or snack times, the store carries samosas, curries and falafel wraps, hummus, Greek and tabouleh salads.
This time I skipped the fattoush and instead had some tabouleh and beetroot salad with corn kernels, which I tried out of curiosity.
For salads, you can never go wrong with the traditional Tabouleh - minced parsley, tomato, burghul seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil - or Fatoush - mixed fresh vegetables topped with sumac dressing with lemon juice and olive oil.
The waitress then took our orders from the 'expert' diner so starters or mezze were tabouleh (PS2.
From mezze to mansaf (a traditional festive rice dish) it is fabulously fresh and surprisingly light: the meats are grilled and falling off the bone, and there are plenty of wonderful salads and options in the vegetarian: tabouleh, rocket salad, fattoush.
Karamna Beirut's menu includes favourites such as hummus, tabouleh, muhammara, kibbeh, kibbeh nayah orfalyah, kufata nayah, warak enab, arayes with tahina, maajoka and shish taok.
Other Mediterranean specialties include fattoush, tabouleh, baba ghanoush, chickpea salad, falafel, grape leaves and a variety of salads and appetizers.
My wife fancied the Spanish tortilla, which was cooked fresh daily, whilst we added a Middle Eastern tabouleh traditional bulgur wheat and fresh herb salad without really knowing what it was but can report it was mouthwateringly good.
The chefs at their 'live stations' serve up everything from Middle Eastern tabouleh salad to Chinese kung pao chicken, Thai red curry and Italian tiramisu.
Ranging from Squash Tempura with Soy Dipping Sauce; Saffron Chicken and Rice with Golden Beets; Chocolate and Sea Salt Peanut Brittle; and Herb Grilled Bison Rib Eyes with Onion, Tomato, and Fig Chutney; to Peach Ginger Smoothie; Grilled Shrimp and Watermelon kebabs with Lime Cream and Basil; Pizza with Figs, Country ham, and Mustard Greens; and Purple Hull Pea Tabouleh, all of these "The New Southern Table" culinary creations are deftly presented with clear step-by-step directions making them all 'kitchen cook friendly' and enthusiastically recommended for personal, family, professional, and community library cookbook collections.
Women report reduction in breastmilk supply after consuming large amounts such as would be obtained from eating tabouleh (Humphrey 2003).