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also ta·bour  (tā′bər)
A small drum, traditionally played with one hand while playing a pipe with the other.

[ Middle English tabour, from Old French, variant of tambour; see tambour.]
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Noun1.tabour - a small drum with one head of soft calfskintabour - a small drum with one head of soft calfskin
drum, membranophone, tympan - a musical percussion instrument; usually consists of a hollow cylinder with a membrane stretched across each end
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de Chagny that Erik imitated the roar of a lion on a long tabour or timbrel, with an ass's skin at one end.
Traduite en arabe dialectal par Nadjet Tabour et mise en scene par Elsa Hamnane, cette œuvre a plonge le public, jeudi dernier au soir, dans une profonde reflexion autour des notions de liberte, d'interets, et d'attrait du pouvoir, au cours d'un spectacle tres [beaucoup moins que] emouvant [beaucoup plus grand que] et des acteurs occupant toute la scene.
Seventy years ago in August Charles Boswell, a former Tabour member of Parliament, arrived in Moscow as minister.
The erosion of the protection of southerners and Nuba during the war years and the depiction of all southerners and Nuba, in what the government called the 'transitional zones', as either Tabour Khamis (fifth columnists) for the SPLA or rebel sympathisers both undermined the protection of these populations and justified their oppression by the state and the exploitative processes inflicted on them by neighbouring more powerful groups such as the Baqara and the pro-government Nuer militias referred to as Ghuwat Sadiqa (friendly southern armed forces) (Gamal Eldin 2005).
By use of machines such as the F4200N we are able to offer greater flexibility, lower carriage costs, shorter supply chain, shorter lead times and an ability to discuss products and requirements face to face--plus we can increase output quickly without an additional tabour commitment.
Tabour "High Transmission Performance of Radio over Fiber Systems over Traditional Optical Fiber Communication Systems Using Different Coding Formats for Long Haul," International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications (IJCST), Vol.