tabula rasa

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tab·u·la ra·sa

 (tăb′yə-lə rä′sə, -zə)
n. pl. tab·u·lae ra·sae (tăb′yə-lē′ rä′sē, -zē)
a. The mind before it receives the impressions gained from experience.
b. The unformed, featureless mind in the philosophy of John Locke.
2. A need or an opportunity to start from the beginning.

[Medieval Latin tabula rāsa : Latin tabula, tablet + Latin rāsa, feminine of rāsus, erased.]

tabula rasa

(ˈtæbjʊlə ˈrɑːsə)
n, pl tabulae rasae (ˈtæbjʊliː ˈrɑːsiː)
1. (Philosophy) (esp in the philosophy of Locke) the mind in its uninformed original state
2. an opportunity for a fresh start; clean slate
[Latin: a scraped tablet (one from which the writing has been erased)]

ta•bu•la ra•sa

(ˈtæb yə lə ˈrɑ sə, -zə)

n., pl. ta•bu•lae ra•sae (ˈtæb yəˌli ˈrɑ si, -zi)
1. a mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions, etc.
2. anything existing undisturbed in its original pure state.
[1525–35; < Latin: scraped tablet, clean slate]
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Noun1.tabula rasa - a young mind not yet affected by experience (according to John Locke)
mind, psyche, nous, brain, head - that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason; "his mind wandered"; "I couldn't get his words out of my head"
2.tabula rasa - an opportunity to start over without prejudice
chance, opportunity - a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances; "the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington"; "now is your chance"
tabula rasa
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The second and final movement of Tabula Rasa is called Silentium.
But the stress on revolutions and the portrayal of Africans as tabula rasa also has the shortcoming of denying African essence which denial of African essence was also pivotal in slavery and colonial projects which defined away the Africans in order to clear space for colonial occupation of Africa (Vera 2001).
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Dr Sebastien Marcel, Coordinator of the TABULA RASA project, said: It would have been impossible to conduct such large scale research and to collaborate with so many EU partners without the investment from the European Union.
Witness the currently vanishing street frontages of Smithdown Road and Kensington and the mournful spectacle of the Edge Lane tabula rasa.
But the broad West Side Highway, formerly a bustling harbourfront, still feels like a tabula rasa.
Madhatter's New Year's Eve Ball at Tabula Rasa "Anything you trust, but a hat's a must.
However, Amaia RodrE[degrees]guez Murueta-Goyena, doctor in biology and main researcher of the study, and colleagues discovered that, besides stimulating the hypothalamus to generate appetite, ghrelin also acts on the tabula rasa cortex.
Chicago-based Cohen Financial announced in January that it secured a $17 million loan for the refinancing of the Tabula Rasa Apartments near Washington state's capital, Olympia.
And today, they appear like the tabula rasa regularly needed to refresh a medium.
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