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1. The equipment used in a particular activity, especially in fishing; gear.
a. (often tā′kəl) Nautical A system of ropes and blocks for raising and lowering weights of rigging and pulleys for applying tension.
b. A rope and its pulley.
3. Sports
a. The act of stopping an opposing player carrying the ball, especially by forcing the opponent to the ground, as in football or Rugby.
b. The act of obstructing a player in order to cause loss of possession of the ball, as in soccer.
4. Football
a. One of two offensive linemen positioned between the guard and the end on either side of the ball.
b. One of two defensive linemen positioned to the inside of either end.
c. Tackle football.
v. tack·led, tack·ling, tack·les
v.tr. Sports
1. To grab hold of and wrestle with (an opponent).
2. Sports
a. To stop (an opponent carrying the ball), especially by forcing the opponent to the ground.
b. To obstruct (a player with the ball) in order to cause loss of possession of the ball.
3. To engage or deal with: tackle a perplexing problem.
4. To harness (a horse).
v.intr. Sports
To tackle an opponent in possession of the ball.

[Middle English takel, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German; perhaps akin to Middle Dutch taken, to seize, grasp.]

tack′ler n.
References in classic literature ?
A man he took for the proprietor was standing in the lobby, and he went up to him and tackled him for a job.
They all came a-swooping down like a blue cloud, and as each fellow lit on the door and took a glance, the whole absurdity of the contract that that first jay had tackled hit him home and he fell over backward suffocating with laughter, and the next jay took his place and done the same.
So the mud-turtle he tackled the witness, but it didn't amount to nothing; and he made a mess of it.
Myself, forgetting the forest, I tackled a glass panel and began to finger it in every direction, hunting for the weak point on which to press in order to turn the door in accordance with Erik's system of pivots.
It was apparent that she did not want to sleep, so I tackled the subject at once.