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1. The equipment used in a particular activity, especially in fishing; gear.
a. (often tā′kəl) Nautical A system of ropes and blocks for raising and lowering weights of rigging and pulleys for applying tension.
b. A rope and its pulley.
3. Sports
a. The act of stopping an opposing player carrying the ball, especially by forcing the opponent to the ground, as in football or Rugby.
b. The act of obstructing a player in order to cause loss of possession of the ball, as in soccer.
4. Football
a. One of two offensive linemen positioned between the guard and the end on either side of the ball.
b. One of two defensive linemen positioned to the inside of either end.
c. Tackle football.
v. tack·led, tack·ling, tack·les
v.tr. Sports
1. To grab hold of and wrestle with (an opponent).
2. Sports
a. To stop (an opponent carrying the ball), especially by forcing the opponent to the ground.
b. To obstruct (a player with the ball) in order to cause loss of possession of the ball.
3. To engage or deal with: tackle a perplexing problem.
4. To harness (a horse).
v.intr. Sports
To tackle an opponent in possession of the ball.

[Middle English takel, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German; perhaps akin to Middle Dutch taken, to seize, grasp.]

tack′ler n.
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Noun1.tackler - a football player who tackles the ball carriertackler - a football player who tackles the ball carrier
football player, footballer - an athlete who plays American football
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They were quite close to him now, and crouching low, like tacklers on a gridiron.
He is described as "a strong tackler who is quick to make clearances".
Finally, a tackler must return to his own side and come through 'the gate' before playing the ball.
Indeed Henshaw was Ireland's top tackler on his return to Test action last week against Italy with 13 hits.
Few studies have specifically investigated tackle-related injuries, and discrepancies are found in the literature regarding the most frequent body part injured, type of injury, as well as the risk for the ball carrier or tackler to sustain an injury.
Difference in momentum between the ball-carrier and tackler is postulated to contribute to the risk of injury and play a part in predicting the outcome the tackle (Brooks et al.
Panthers Niamh Ennis and Lewis Boothroyd put in good tackling efforts in a closely fought second half, with the coach's man of the match won by Crosby and top tackler was Myers.
The Ducks' 6-foot-6, 287-pound senior defensive tackle was the game's leading tackler with 11, including three solo tackles.
When a player is held standing up in a tackle he's obviously in a vulnerable situation, particularly so if another tackler comes in and attacks his legs.
Herrold (6-foot-3, 235 pounds) was the team's third-leading tackler in 2011 with 66 total tackles, 3.
Malcolm broke two Cardinal Newman tackles on the play, while making it past the final tackler with a stop-and-go move on the 10-yard line.
Scholes is possibly the worst tackler in the Premiership.