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Lacking or exhibiting a lack of tact; bluntly inconsiderate or indiscreet.

tact′less·ly adv.
tact′less·ness n.
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Noun1.tactlessness - the quality of lacking tact
inconsiderateness, inconsideration, thoughtlessness - the quality of failing to be considerate of others
tact, tactfulness - consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense
لَباقَه، كِياسَه


[ˈtæktlɪsnɪs] Nfalta f de tacto



(tӕkt) noun
care and skill in one's behaviour to people, in order to avoid hurting or offending them. He showed tact in dealing with difficult customers.
ˈtactful adjective
showing tact. a tactful person; tactful behaviour.
ˈtactfully adverb
ˈtactfulness noun
tactless adjective
without tact. a tactless person/remark.
ˈtactlessly adverb
ˈtactlessness noun
References in classic literature ?
The context convinces me, however, that you have sinned rather through ignorance and tactlessness than through malice, so I am content to pass the matter by.
Journalists often seek to provoke some form of reaction with their questions, but the tactlessness of this one clearly backfired.
The feedback from netizens was expected: outright condemnation of the racial tactlessness (at best) and blatant racism (at worst).
This is regime change without taking collateral damage into account-as Trump made clear, with his usual tactlessness, when he threatened Venezuela with a military intervention" (NotiSur, Aug.
The tactlessness of these ministers shocked many people who were appalled by the massacre.
Very seldom do we encounter heroism or prowess in Waugh's military: apart from a few exceptions, such as the heroic resistance of the Second Halberdier Battalion in Crete, (3) the behaviour of the military all through the trilogy is characterised by inefficiency, chaos, tactlessness or cowardice.
Brink's tactlessness, trying to shock people for the sake of it, and Barbara, who does not care at all about other people, display contrasting examples of two forms of uncaring behavior.
The actor carefully balances Holmes' deductive genius and his social tactlessness, as in the scene where Watson takes the drug-addled Holmes to get tested by Molly, who happily slaps him for his destructive habit.
But they again betray an innate tactlessness - a member of a constitutional monarchy who says too much when he's meant to say nothing at all.
Oftentimes, even during casual conversations, her tactlessness overtakes her.
Andy, with outrageous tactlessness, in his attempt to be poetic, says, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
The majority of these attacks are due to enemy infiltration and impersonation, but some may be the result of ANSF soldiers retaliating against a coalition force Soldier's deliberate cultural tactlessness or their inability to avoid senseless competitive feuds.