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also tag-a·long  (tăg′ə-lông′, -lŏng′)
One that persistently follows another: "Technological change separates the innovators from the tag-alongs" (Thomas G. Exter).


someone who trails behind, esp uninvited; a hanger-on


(ˈtæg əˌlɔŋ, -ˌlɒŋ)

a person that follows the lead or initiative of another.
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Noun1.tagalong - someone who persistently (and annoyingly) follows along
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
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Bailey Williams, 14, on his tagalong bike with dad Craig Williams
This tagalong was discovered on April 27 in images from the Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii.
50 (435m): Crooks Saffron, Shipton's Secret, Two Faced (M), Winword Express (M), Tagalong Serena (W).
is recommended for any who would learn everyday communication using the Filipino language tagalong, and includes a free MP3 audio cd in its handbook which is designed to help any learner.
This is critical for tagalong trailers because goosenecks and fifth-wheels are designed with an unladen tongue weight approaching 10 percent of the GVWR.
These are mabuhay, kuya, barong, barong tagalong, baro't saya, halo-halo, pan de sal, sinigang, baon, pulutan, bahala na, suki, and utang na loob.
A tagalong trailer's coupler connects to a hitch that is installed on the back of your tow vehicle at about the level of the rear bumper.
Be advised that there are barriers along the canal where you may have to lift your front wheel to snake through, making it more dif-ficult for tandems and tagalong bikes.
They persuaded their colleagues in the House; the Senate voted not to Tagalong.
Beers were modeled after Samoa, Tagalong, Trefoil shortbread cookies and the ever-popular Thin Mints, but were in no way affiliated with the Girl Scouts.
However, unless you own a powerful telescope, you won't be able to see the asteroid, much less its lunar tagalong.
Head as far east as your camel will take you and try not to let those dreams about your mom, or that tagalong downer Abigail, kill your buzz.