tail gunner

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(Mil.) A member of the crew of a bomber airplane who operates the defensive gun at the rear of the airplane.
- W. C. Russell.

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Yet, astonishingly, John, originally from Sunderland, a tail gunner - or "tail-end Charlie" - on a Lancaster bomber, flew 60 missions over two tours of duty from 1940 to 1944.
Aged 20, he became an American citizen in 1944 and joined the US Air Force as a tail gunner, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross.
Then tail gunner Bob Caron shouted in terror as a fast-rising wall of air travelled towards them at the speed of sound.
Known as the "Flying Fortress," it was the first bomber to be equipped with a tail gunner.
JACK CLARKE, right, from Egton Bridge near Whitby remembers his time working at the Evening Gazette in the early part of the war before joining the RAF at 19 to become a tail gunner on a Halifax bomber in raids over Germany.
Now mind you, Tail Gunner Nuch wasn't talking about the investigation into Jacko's death, he was talking about how the Gloved One's carcass went from Staples Center to the bone yard at Forest Lawn.
Army Air Force during World War II in England, he was a tail gunner on a B-17 bomber and flew 35 missions over Europe (1943-1945).
There are photos of wood frame shacks, dirt roads, prize catches of fish, family vacations at the Goulais River cottage and Second World War memories from Herb's dad, Bill-Lash, who was a tail gunner on a Wellington bomber flying missions over Europe.
THE son of an RAF sergeant killed in World War II has told how he tracked down the tail gunner who was shot down in the same Halifax plane.
A full crew consisted of 10 men--pilot, co-pilot, bombardier, navigator, flight engineer, radio operator, top turret gunner, two waist gunners, a ball turret gunner and a tail gunner.
On the night of March 9, 1945, Muldrow, tail gunner on a B-29 Superfortress, takes off from Tinian Island along with three-hundred and fifty bombers.