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 the last portion or lowest part of something.
Examples: tail-ends of glaciers, 1874; tail end men of the Victorian Eleven, 1904.


(teil) noun
1. the part of an animal, bird or fish that sticks out behind the rest of its body. The dog wagged its tail; A fish swims by moving its tail.
2. anything which has a similar function or position. the tail of an aeroplane/comet.
to follow closely. The detectives tailed the thief to the station.
having a (certain size, type etc of) tail. a black-tailed duck; a long-tailed dog.
tails noun, adverb
(on) the side of a coin that does not have the head of the sovereign etc on it. He tossed the coin and it came down tails.
a call showing that a person has chosen that side of the coin when tossing a coin to make a decision etc.
ˌtail-ˈend noun
the very end or last part. the tail-end of the procession.
ˈtail-light noun
the (usually red) light on the back of a car, train etc. He followed the tail-lights of the bus.
tail wind
a wind coming from behind. We sailed home with a tail wind.
tail off
1. to become fewer, smaller or weaker (at the end). His interest tailed off towards the end of the film.
2. (also tail away) (of voices etc) to become quieter or silent. His voice tailed away into silence.
References in classic literature ?
Here it is, the tail-end of dry summer, an' the ground's just leakin' everywhere.
There was about a teaspoonful of grey matter distributed among the entire squad, and the pupil Annette had been teaching that afternoon had come in at the tail-end of the division.
MEHAR -- The tail-end growers of Kakol Wah continued their protest demonstration for the acceptance of their demands on Sunday.
The northeast monsoon and tail-end of a cold front are the dominant weather systems affecting the country, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration said on Monday.
The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said the tail-end of a cold front will be affecting the eastern section of southern Luzon while the northeast monsoon will be affecting extreme northern Luzon.
This could lead to depletion of system and low pressure in tail-end areas in exceptional circumstances, he added.
MANILA, PhilippinesSeveral provinces, including Metro Manila, will experience cloudy skies and light to heavy rains for the entire week as north-easterlies and the tail-end of a cold front continue to prevail over the country, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration said.
The bottlenecks in supply of water to tail-end growers would also be removed, he added.
The link-canal project will be completed at a cost of Rs 20 million and it will provide water to farmers at the tail-end.
Growers call for water release in Marwat canal: Members of district council and farmers\' organizations have urged the concerned authorities to release water in Marwat Canal after being carried out its repair and maintenance work upto tail-end areas.
We're in the tail-end of calving now and this is the time when the Moocall is of most use to me," said Mr Tudor "With just a few cows left to calve, and plenty of other work to do on the farm, I'm not around the yard watching them so much.
They highlighted the plight of tail-end farmers in southern Punjab and Sindh.