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1. tailings Refuse or dross remaining after ore has been processed.
2. Architecture The portion of a tailed beam, brick, or board inside a wall.


(Building) the part of a beam, rafter, projecting brick or stone, etc, embedded in a wall


(ˈteɪ lɪŋ)

1. the part of a projecting stone or brick tailed or inserted in a wall.
2. tailings, gravel, aggregate, etc., or other residue of a product, as in mining; leavings.
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Noun1.tailing - the act of following someone secretly
chase, pursual, pursuit, following - the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture; "the culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit"
extension homopolymérique
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The Ministry of Natural Resources proposed to build a new tailing and to produce a plan for conservation of the currently used tailing to the Kumtor Operating Company to avoid possible emergency situations at the production facilities of the Kumtor mine.
Says Ferguson, "You then build up an organic layer where you get bacteria, like algae, and in that way you reduce oxygen right at the top layer of your tailing.
Several tailing storage facilities need immediate remediation in Kyrgyzstan, Isabek Torgoev, chief of geoenvironmental monitoring lab of the Geomechannics Institute, told news conference today.
A great many mine tailing sites have been cleaned up or are in the process of being rehabilitated by their owners.
International Atomic Energy Agency is ready to help in writing a complete report on monitoring of tailing ponds in Kyrgyztsan, said Director of the Technical Cooperation Department of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mr Byung-Koo Kim in a meeting with Deputy Minister of Emergencies Turatbek Junushaliev today in Bishkek, reported press service of the Ministry of Emergencies.
The Government of Kyrgyzstan and the United Nations Development Programme initiate a big international conference on tailing ponds, said Prime Minister Igor Chudinov in a meeting with the Director of the Department of Technical Cooperation of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mr Byung-Koo Kim today.
In total, the Summer Program produced: 21 rock "grab" samples; 73 tailing samples, including 28 surface and near-surface samples and 45 samples from 9 tailings auger drill holes; and 9 completed diamond drill holes as well as 3 abandoned drill holes from which a total of 242 core samples were taken.
The mine has been designed to accommodate 1 in 500 year seismic and weather events while the tailing impound closure plan is engineered to withstand a 1 in 10,000 year event.
EM has reached a milestone of moving 9 million tons of uranium mill tailings from the Moab Site in Utah to the dedicated disposal cell near Crescent Junction, Utah.
Centerra Gold reported that the Kumtor operation, located in the Kyrgyz Republic, has received the necessary permits from the state authorities to raise the tailings dam to the 3,674-meter (m) elevation.
ITOGON -- The country's first and oldest mining company is rushing the rehabilitation of two tailings ponds here to prevent a potential mine spill, officials said on Friday.
Typical projects will include design/build solutions for dams, tailings basin, waste piles, open pits, demolition, revegetation and other mining related infrastructures.