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Adj.1.taillike - resembling a tail
caudate, caudated - having a tail or taillike appendage
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For example, a static work titled The Romantic, 2003, comprises a suit featuring a long, curling, taillike phallus sprouting a bouquet of flowers.
See DONALD SYMONS, THE EVOLUTION OF HUMAN SEXUALITY 21 (Oxford University Press, USA 1979) ("[A]mong nonhermaphroditic, many-celled animals that reproduce sexually there are two and only two sexes, defined on the basis of the sex cells they produce: a female produces eggs, which are large and carry a reserve of food for the embryo; a male produces sperm, which are small and possess a taillike organ to enable them to reach the egg.
heterophylla the trichomes are bulbiferous flagellate with taillike apical cell, as well as in B.