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1. The part of a millrace below the water wheel through which the spent water flows.
2. A channel for floating away mine tailings and refuse.


1. (Civil Engineering) a channel that carries water away from a water wheel, turbine, etc. Compare headrace
2. (Mining & Quarrying) mining the channel for removing tailings in water



1. a channel leading away, as from a waterwheel.
2. a channel for conducting tailings away.
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Noun1.tailrace - a watercourse that carries water away from a mill or water wheel or turbine
waterway, watercourse - a conduit through which water flows
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The project activity comprises civil structures suc h as concrete dam, intake structures, water conduct ing system, underground power house, tailrace tunnel an d other infrastructure.
A severe flood in Sichuan province on July 18, 2013 damaged our tailrace concrete apron, spillway gates, power generation plant, auxiliary equipment and the 35KV substation of our Liyuan hydroelectric power project.
This tailrace attracts an incredible number of striped bass on a consistent basis.
The extra water in the main stem of the river should keep salmon from diverting into the canal tailrace and getting confused at what appears to be a dead end.
7) The dam would divert water from the river via a diversion portal and a penstock, run it through a turbine to generate electricity in two generators located in the powerhouse, and discharge the water back to the river from the powerhouse tailrace, some 1.
The thrusted contact of the two formations passes through the tailrace tunnel outlet area and intersects the main access tunnel and diversion tunnel near the outlet end.
Anglers who don't do well for stripers on the lake can always fish the tailrace below Lake Talquin.
That's because the Leaburg fish barrier sits right at the end of the canal tailrace, so fish simply can't enter.
GEI provided technical assistance to the team by performing fish behavior studies in the tailrace and assessing the feasibility of a range of alternatives.
Open Competition: Open Competition In The Electronic Form On The Right To Sign The Agreement To Perform Activities On Restoration Of Thermal Protective Shields Tailrace ZSU
The tailrace below Lake Talquin is easier to fish with heavy jigs than with shad.
The draw-down will slowly increase the flow in the McKenzie from the canal diversion to the Walterville tailrace by about 2,400 cubic feet per second, creating about a 1 foot rise in the river, EWEB spokesman Joe Harwood said.