take leave

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Verb1.take leave - go away or leave
walk out of - leave, usually as an expression of disapproval
congee - depart after obtaining formal permission; "He has congeed with the King"
beat a retreat - depart hastily
go forth, leave, go away - go away from a place; "At what time does your train leave?"; "She didn't leave until midnight"; "The ship leaves at midnight"
plump out - depart suddenly; "He plumped out of the house"
break camp, decamp - leave a camp; "The hikers decamped before dawn"
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Sources maintained that after revealing these facts she had faced a lot of pressure that forced her to take leave form office, adding that Nargis applied for leave and Prime Minister accepted her application.
Bale is 6-4 with Bet365 to take leave of White Hart Lane in the summer transfer window.