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n. Islam
The practice of declaring another Muslim to be a nonbeliever and thus an enemy of Islam.

[Arabic takfīr, accusation of being a nonbeliever, verbal noun of kaffara, to call (someone) a nonbeliever, from kāfir, nonbeliever; see giaour.]
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These ignore the facts and accuse the Gulf culture, with its abundant money, of having brought extremism and takfir into their country.
Interior will provide them with special training sessions in understanding extremist ideology, takfir (the doctrine that legitimizes treating certain Muslims as nonbelievers), and terrorist recruitment and radicalization in order to best grasp the security situation in the kingdom.
They are ultimately accepting the Wahhabi jihadism and takfir [infidel] ideology as presented by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri" of Al-Qaeda, he said.
Using recent events, such as Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Mohammad, it reinforces the concept of takfir (the practice of excommunication, by one Muslim declaring another Muslim an apostate) in the minds of the youth, and inspires them to defend Islam.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army intensified operations against the Takfir militants in the provinces of Hama, Dara'a and Homs on Thursday, engaging in heavy clashes with the terrorists in various regions.
Madani also spoke out against the concept of Takfir (declaring Muslims out of the fold of Islam) and inter-Muslim sectarian infighting, and said that the OIC intends to hold workshops to address these problems.
Meanwhile, Khaled Al-Sherif, spokesman of the Building and Development Party, which is the political arm of Al-Gamaa, told Daily New Egypt that Derbala was in Qena giving a lecture within a missionary tour, under the slogan of 'No to Takfir [Excommunication]', when he was arrested, denying that the leader was attempting to flee Egypt.
One modern articulation of this tolerance was the Amman Message, which was signed in 2004 by more than 200 scholars from more than 50 countries and made a point of recognising all four major Sunni schools, as well as four Shiite schools, and added the very important point that it was forbidden for a Muslim to pronounce disbelief, takfir or excommunication on any other Muslim.
What combines these cells (which were subjected to security restrictions by not making direct contacts among themselves) is the belonging to the terrorist ISIS organization in terms of the adoption of thought, takfir of society and bloodshed, and then exchanging roles to implement the plans and objectives dictated from abroad.
ISIS tries on a daily basis to violate our borders and soil, but we are cleaning our land because we do not bear terrorism and takfir pockets.
Jubouri - according to a statement of his press office - said Iraq will make every effort to ensure the success of the conference, which is hoped to discuss the problems and challenges facing the Islamic nations, led by the organization of the extreme Daash, terrorism and the fight against Takfir ideology that distorted the image of Islam.
Il a affirme que l'enjeu actuel est de faire face a la mouvance du [beaucoup moins que] takfir [beaucoup plus grand que] qui utilise les reseaux sociaux pour propager l'extremisme et le terrorisme sanguinaire au nom de la religion en recuperant des jeunes en perte de reperes.