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n. Islam
The practice of declaring another Muslim to be a nonbeliever and thus an enemy of Islam.

[Arabic takfīr, accusation of being a nonbeliever, verbal noun of kaffara, to call (someone) a nonbeliever, from kāfir, nonbeliever; see giaour.]
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The report says Following books were published by IRD including Takfir; Asbab Aur Usool-o-Zawabit: Pakistani Society in particular and the Muslim World in general is in grip of severe attack of Takfir i.
The crossing was completely closed since five years ago due to the spread of the Takfir terrorist groups on both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese borders before the Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance, cleared the area.
Al-Azhar does not judge people, it declines from the issue of takfir because this opens doors we cannot close.
These meetings were mainly aimed at delineating the role of clerics and elites in preserving Islamic Ummah Unity as a religious obligation, defending the future of Ummah, and clarifying the role of the Resistance in countering the two phenomena of Takfir and Terror.
Ahora se hace publico que los terroristas de Cataluna fueron adoctrinados en la secta musulmana Takfir Wal Hijra, una de las mas extremas entre todas las del fundamentalismo islamico.
The initial trials proved the result of the Saudi strategy was a confrontation of thoughts with thoughts, and the exposure of the appeal of extremist takfir ideology by presenting the true interpretation of shari'a principles and by promoting the true values of the Islamic faith and the importance of tolerance.
He added: "We are, as we recall the epic of Ashura annually as a lesson and sermon, we call to inspire heroism and steadfastness and sacrifice of martyr Imam to promote unity and closing ranks in order to achieve full and decisive victory over terrorism and defeat the ideas of takfir and extremism in all its forms and to meet the demands of the Iraqi people's rights to justice and refuse sectarian quotas, fight corruption and support livelihood ability of low-income people ".
Momani, who is also the government's official spokesman, said the scourge of terrorism and a surge in the speech to promote sedition, hate and takfir (accusation of apostasy) necessitated finding the proper means to stop violence and extremism and prevent hate speech.
As Ulutas correctly puts it, takfir for ISIS is above all a tool to legalize killing Muslims in order to extinguish its near enemy,those we would otherwisw call dissident Muslims (p.
Sheikh Abdullah said: "We stand in solidarity with our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their fight against the crimes of terrorism whose goals are to spread fear, takfir (branding others as infidels) and incite strife.
Historically, the definition of takfir was much more limited, and the term was rarely applied.
Takfiri" is a word used by the group to refer to hard-line armed Sunni groups that practice takfir, or declaring some Muslims apostates, and combat them.