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n. pl. tala
See Table at currency.

[Samoan, from English dollar.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Samoa, divided into 100 sene


(ˈtɑ lə)

n., pl. -la.
the basic monetary unit of Western Samoa.
[1965–70; < Samoan tālā < E dollar]
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Noun1.tala - the basic unit of money in Western Samoa
Western Samoan monetary unit - monetary unit in Western Samoa
sene - 100 sene equal 1 tala in Western Samoa
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Tala, meanwhile, is both happy in her marriage and consumed by building a world around it that is both unlike, and connected to, her world before: where her sisters can once more help to weave magic into the universe; where flight is possible; where all stories are interconnected.
There is around the clock surveillance, making Tala a favoured secure community.
Ossis now holds complete ownership of the Tala Island project,covering an area of 110,000 sq m.
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