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It should come as no surprise that only eighty days after this meeting, a group of French painters and scholars led by Horace Vernet, an Orientalist genre painter who had traveled to Algeria with the French Army in 1833, and the Daguerreotypist Goupil-Fesquet went to Egypt to photograph Egyptian antiquity, nor is it a coincidence that as early as 1846, Daguerre's British counterpart, William Henry Fox Talbot, published a pamphlet titled "The Talbotype Applied to hieroglyphics" which was distributed among archaeologists and Orientalists.
22) Hillary McCartney, <<William Stirling and the Talbotype Volume of the Annals of the Artists of Spain>>, History of Photography, 30, no.
An article, "Early Photography" by Peter Johnson UE, provided an analysis of several emerging methods in photography from the daguerreotype to the Calotype or Talbotype, the Ambrotype, the Tintype or Ferrotype and the Carte-de-Viste (Card Photography).