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a. A marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment: has a rare talent for music.
b. Natural endowment or ability of a superior quality: The play has a cast of immense talent.
c. A person or group of people having such ability: The company makes good use of its talent.
2. A variable unit of weight and money used in ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle East.

[Middle English, inclination, disposition, from Old French, from Medieval Latin, from Latin, balance, sum of money, from Greek talanton; see telə- in Indo-European roots. Sense 3, Middle English, from Old English talente, from Latin talenta, pl. of talentum, from Greek talanton.]

tal′ent·ed adj.
tal′ent·less adj.
tal′ent·less·ness n.


not having any talent or special gift or ability
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Adj.1.talentless - devoid of talent; not gifted


[ˈtæləntləs] adjsans talent, dénué(e) de talenttalent scout ndécouvreur/euse m/f de talentstalent show nconcours m de jeunes talents
He began his musical career in talent shows → Il a commencé sa carrière musicale dans les concours de jeunes talents.
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Talentless then, talentless now, giving Victoria Beckham money for nothing again.
30pm As well as the usual deluded talentless performers being given their 15 (well two) minutes of fame, and providing Ant and Dec with priceless comedy material, over the last eight weeks viewers have witnessed some remarkable acts taking to the stage.
The vacuous, talentless horror show that they get paid millions of dollars for when there are people who are teaching kids every day that are trying to scrape by and earn a living.
The auditions for this "Idol" series had none of the usual talentless weirdness of the network TV versions.
To top it all, Katie's ex, Leandro, has called her old and talentless.
When an increasing amount of television time is taken up by talentless celebrity-seekers, real actors are becoming something of an endangered species.
I've never seen such a bunch of nuts and talentless no-hopers.
In fact, I'm completely talentless and lacking in personality, but I have lately bravely fought a deep addiction for Smarties.
What might appear to be talentless dross to one, can be viewed as gifted genius to another.
At a time when social standards are slipping, we do not need the talentless rantings of this swearing machine who can only profit by being publicly offensive.
What about the menagerie of vapid talentless talk-show hosts, half-witted self-obsessed soap-opera stars, yobbish celebrity chefs, pathetic so-called comedians, fraudulent astrologers, and assorted superannuated bores who should have been pensioned off years ago, who clog up the TV channels every day and night of the year ?
We have Pakistan, a nuclear power tottering into civil war, our troops being shot at in Afghanistan, terrorists on our streets, and drugs on every street corner, immigration out of control, young couples who can't be housed, an NHS crumbling, schools falling down, and a war raging in Iraq, so how does a tacky, tinsel, talentless song competition even get on to the radar of priorities in the House of Commons?