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also tha·ler  (tä′lər)
n. pl. taler or ta·lers also thaler or tha·lers
Any of numerous silver coins that served as a unit of currency in certain Germanic countries between the 15th and 19th centuries.

[German; see dollar.]


n, pl -ler or -lers
(Currencies) a variant spelling of thaler


or ta•ler

(ˈtɑ lər)

n., pl. -ler, -lers.
any of various former large coins of various German states.
[1780–90; < German; see dollar]
References in classic literature ?
So they ate, and after that they bargained how much the miller was to give for the fifth prophecy, until they agreed on three hundred talers.
The peasant, however, made off next morning by daybreak with the three hundred talers.
He answered: 'I sold my cow's skin in the town, for three hundred talers.
When she came to the merchant in the town, he did not give her more than two talers for a skin, and when the others came, he did not give them so much, and said: 'What can I do with all these skins?
Many years earlier a sailing ship had been wrecked off the Arabian Peninsula carrying a load of Maria Theresa talers (the word "dollar" derives from that).
Remchingen informs the Duke that he is now in debt to Suss for 350,000 talers.
Anna Magdalena's salary of 300 talers amounted to twice that of the best paid of the other court musicians, with the exception of the Kapellmeister, who received only 100 talers more than she.
The Good Bargain--abridged A peasant had driven his cow to the fair and sold her for seven talers.
In English, taler coins or talers sounded like dollar coins, or simply dollars, which was how the British referred to some metal coins made in Spain.
In case of success, the investor receives a project payoff of 420 talers (the fictitious experimental currency).
Auch die bei Letzterem gebotenen Informationen uber die Geschichte der wichtigsten Munzen wie des Pfennigs, Talers, Dukaten bzw.