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Plural of talus1.
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NEWCASTLE FALCONS: M Watson, D Marshall, A Powell, J Tali, Z Kibirige, C Willis, R Tipuna; R Vickers, S Lawson, S Wilson, M Botha, S MacLeod, R Mayhew, W Welch (captain), T Clever.
Tali has said her "heart is shattered" after a body found in the Hudson river was confirmed to be that of her Ian.
Gradually getting used to life on Tyneside after moving 9,000 miles from the Pacific island along with Charlie Wabo and Mark Mexico, Tali said: "It is comfortable now.
According to sources, a Frontier Corps (FC) vehicle was on patrolling when it was hit by a roadside bomb near Tali.
explanation, Judith successfully leads Tali to accept the distinction between text and sound.
Members of the Jewish "Ames family" along with several Zionist organizations yesterday urged ultra-Orthodox Jews to remark the third anniversary of the death of Yitzhak and Tali Ames.
A children's eBook by Tali Carmi containing illustrations and the story of a little boy - 'Terry Treetop' - has emerged as a best seller eBook in its category for the month of June 2013.
If you don't know the Florida Market well, your best bet is to call a knowledgeable Realtor like Tali Wolder, she will give you a complete overview of the areas and communities and help you decide where to start.
Kat wears black and silver sequin flame dress pounds 150 Kat wears flower strap back dress pounds 125 Tali wears ruffle scallop hem dress pounds 80 Kat wears spot tuelle prom dress pounds 75 Kat wears embellished shoulder dress pounds 55 Tali wears pink tu-tu pounds 80 Kat wears black and silver dress pounds 150 and Tali wears blue sequin dress pounds 180
Kat wears black and silver dress, pounds 150, while Tali wears blue sequin dress, pounds 180 Vintage lace trim dress with leather belt, pounds 85 Tali wears ruffle scallop hem dress, pounds 80
Tali Realty sought alternative means of financing and was introduced to HPD and HARP through Amie Gross Architects.
Several houses in areas of Interior Balochistan including Sibbi, Ziarat, Loni, Tali and Harnai collapsed and were washed away due to ongoing floods and heavy pouring.