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1. The principle that punishment should be equivalent or identical to the offense committed.
2. The imposition of such a punishment.

[Middle English talioun, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin tāliō, tāliōn-; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Law) the system or legal principle of making the punishment correspond to the crime; retaliation
[C15: via Old French from Latin tāliō, from tālis such]
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THE open-world adventure genre has been treated to a Tolkien-inspired incarnation in Shadow Of Mordor, as you pull on the leather-strapped boots of Talion, an executed Ranger of Gondor reincarnated and hell-bent on revenge against Sauron's evil forces.
You play Talion, an executed Ranger of Gondor, reincarnated and hell-bent on revenge against Sauron's hordes of evil forces.
You play Talion, a former Ranger of Gondor, who dies with his family at the start of the game.
The protagonist, a ranger named Talion, is killed in the prologue, but his corpse is reanimated by an angry spirit named Celebrimbor.
Resurrected from death and inextricably linked to a Wraith Spirit, Talion ventures on a quest of vengeance and discovery to unearth why he has been denied the peace of death.
TALION A Like-for-like punishment B Eagle's foot C Club-foot who am I?
Talion is revived from the dead between the events of the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
Les attentes democratiques de la transition et les promesses de changement ont ete laminees par la loi du Talion qu'imposent les milices, a la montee des revendications autonomistes et a l'emergence-du Sud aux mains d'El Qaida, allant a Tobrouk, Benghazi et Derna-de la nebuleuse terroriste dans cette zone de vaste rassemblement des mouvements islamistes decampant du Mali ou tout simplement deloges de leur sanctuaire afghan et du Waziristan.
Insofar as their murders are expressive of a purely retributivist motivation, where the talion law of "an eye for an eye" causality fails to bestow deeper knowledge of their respective motivation, and provokes a repetition of the same, it can be asked to what their ethical value amounts.
It is a purely referential tale, an instrumentalized vision that seeks to close the gap between sign and signifier like in the time when logos was king, conjuring world and flesh in the speaking: the talion code of an eye for an eye.
89-153), Bauschke argues that the GR differs significantly from the "eye for an eye" talion principle, as it expects empathy with an opponent.
We're witnessing the demise of talion, the English word that describes punishment meted out to match the offense.