talk round

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talk round

1. (tr, adverb) Also: talk over to persuade to one's opinion: I talked him round to buying a car.
2. (intr, preposition) to discuss the arguments relating to (a subject), esp without coming to a conclusion: to talk round the problem of the human condition.
3. (intr, preposition) to discuss (a subject) vaguely without considering basic facts: they talked round the idea of moving house quite forgetting they hadn't enough money.
يَتَكَلَّم حَوْل المَوضوعيُقْنِع
mluvit kolem dokolapřesvědčit
kerülgeti a témát
fara í kringum efniîtelja hughvarf
hovoriť stále dookola
ikna etmekyuvarlak lâflar etmek

w>talk round

vt always separate (Brit) → umstimmen; I talked her round to my way of thinkingich habe sie zu meiner Anschauung bekehrt
vi +prep obj (esp Brit) problem, subjectherumreden um


(toːk) verb
1. to speak; to have a conversation or discussion. We talked about it for hours; My parrot can talk (= imitate human speech).
2. to gossip. You can't stay here – people will talk!
3. to talk about. They spent the whole time talking philosophy.
1. (sometimes in plural) a conversation or discussion. We had a long talk about it; The Prime Ministers met for talks on their countries' economic problems.
2. a lecture. The doctor gave us a talk on family health.
3. gossip. Her behaviour causes a lot of talk among the neighbours.
4. useless discussion; statements of things a person says he will do but which will never actually be done. There's too much talk and not enough action.
talkative (ˈtoːkətiv) adjective
talking a lot. a talkative person.
ˈtalking book noun
a book recorded on cassette or disc for blind people, for those with reading problems etc.
ˈtalking head noun
a TV personality.
ˈtalking-point noun
something to talk about; a subject, especially an interesting one. Football is the main talking-point in my family.
ˈtalk show noun
(American) a television or radio programme on which (usually famous) people talk to each other and are interviewed.
ˌtalking-ˈto noun
a talk given to someone in order to scold, criticize or blame them. I'll give that child a good talking-to when he gets home!
talk back (often with to)
to answer rudely. Don't talk back to me!
talk big
to talk as if one is very important; to boast. He's always talking big about his job.
talk down to
to speak to (someone) as if he/she is much less important, clever etc. Children dislike being talked down to.
talk (someone) into / out of (doing)
to persuade (someone) (not) to do (something). He talked me into changing my job.
talk over
to discuss. We talked over the whole idea.
talk round
1. to persuade. I managed to talk her round.
2. to talk about (something) for a long time without reaching the most important point. We talked round the question for hours.
talk sense/nonsense
to say sensible, or ridiculous, things. Don't talk nonsense; I do wish you would talk sense.
talk shop
to talk about one's work. We agreed not to talk shop at the party.
References in classic literature ?
In these conversations it was wonderful with what perseverance and ingenuity Major Dobbin would manage to bring the talk round to the subject of Amelia and her little boy.
Even so did men talk round the King's cages at Oodeypore.
But by the pillow talk round, it all changes, and they like the guy with the best personality," he says.
Of course, all the talk round the club and the town was that Cup victory over Newcastle.
A test in performing talents followed the talk round and the participants showed their skills in singing or dancing.