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also tal·lis  (tä′lĭs, tä-lēt′)
n. pl. tal·lits or tal·li·tot (tä-lē′tôt, -tôs, -lā′-) also tal·lis·es also tal·li·sim (tä-lē′sĭm, -lā′-) Judaism
A shawl with ritually knotted tassels at each of four corners traditionally worn by Jewish men and boys, especially at morning prayer. Also called prayer shawl.

[Mishnaic Hebrew ṭallît, cover, from Hebrew ṭillēl, to cover, from Aramaic ṭallel, from ṭəlāl, shade; see ṯ̣ll in Semitic roots.]


(ˈtælɪθ; Hebrew taˈliːt)
n, pl tallaisim (tæˈleɪsɪm) or tallites, tallitot (Hebrew -liːˈtɔt)
1. (Judaism) a white shawl with fringed corners worn over the head and shoulders by Jewish males during religious services
2. (Judaism) a smaller form of this worn under the outer garment during waking hours by some Jewish males
[C17: from Hebrew tallīt]
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Her 2005 Finding Home #74 (Fereshteh) offers Lilith's name in Hebrew and a winged figure with a tallit (5) as a kerchief--one of its fringes dangling down toward the first lamed (Hebrew "L") in her name--and a hamseh with an eye in its palm dangling furiously away from her neck.
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During the wedding ceremony, officiated by her sons, Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman, Rabbi Brenner Glickman of Sarasota's Temple Emanu-El and Brenner's wife, Rabbi Elaine Rose Glickman, the couple was wrapped in an heirloom tallit, or prayer shawl, that Lauder had passed down to his son and then to his grandson.
Naomi imagined a big cross on her back and a crown of thorns on top of her head and she took that cross and that crown and scurried around the side of the synagogue to the front entrance where she visited the bathroom and wiped her shoes and grabbed her tallit bag from her school cubby and found her way to the bimah.
When taking the podium, Shelly donned a yarmulke and a fringed tallit.
Under newly consistent light and amid the slick renovation, Chagall's Jesus wears a sort of turban on his head, and instead of a loincloth he dons a Jewish prayer shawl, or a tallit.
8221; The report contains information and recommended vendors to assist you with every main aspect of planning a Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah, including the latest trends in centerpieces, dj and interactive entertainment, invitations, yarmulke and tallit designs, cakes, and memorable favors.
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Sometimes now there are days when I don tallit and tefillin, recite a few early-morning prayers, and then sit down at my computer and let my fingers hover over the keys until new words come forth.