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(ˈtɑːlʊk; tɑːˈlʊk) ,




(in India) n
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a subdivision of a district; a group of several villages organized for revenue purposes
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a hereditary estate
[C18: from Urdu ta' alluk estate, ultimately from Arabic]
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A taluk is an administrative division comprising several villages.
CASA hopes to build 2,000 earthquake-resistant houses for the destitute in three villages of Bhuj Taluk of Kutch district and three villages of Jodiya Taluk in Jamnagar District, using local material, and accommodating climatic conditions of this desert-like area: very hot in the day, very cold at night.
Colony in sakaleshapura taluk (2) providing asphalting for connecting road of bairapura main road to boomachihalli seepage affected village in alur taluk under hrp (3) construction of sri venkateshwara temple at basaveshwara nagara (byaba-1) in alur taluk (4) construction of sri kalikamba temple at halebayba reh.
Tenders are invited for Package 28:sinking of tsp borewell and providing electrification to (1) survey no 36/2 & 35/2 of ambale villageyalandur taluk (2) survey no 95/10 of ambale village yalandur taluk(3) survey no 778/3 & 778/2b of ambale village yalandur taluk(4) survey no 115/3a, 115/3b , 115/2 & 87/2of homma village chamarajanagara taluk (5) no 8/1 of 6) survey no 27/1 of banahalli village chamarajanagara taluk