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 (tăm-bo͝or′ĭt-sə, tăm′bə-rĭt′sə)
A Balkan stringed instrument similar to a mandolin in shape and sound.

[Serbo-Croatian tamburica, diminutive of tambura, stringed instrument, from Ottoman Turkish ṭambūra, from Persian ṭanbūra; see tamboura.]
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From 1937 to 1939, the community repeatedly tried and failed to convince immigration officiais to allow a language and tamburitza teacher to come from Croatia (Krasic 1983, 68).
This volume, part of a series that explores music associated with specific regions in the US, consists of five essays on ethnic and border music, specifically Cajun music and Zydeco, Irish music, Chicano/Latino music, Native American music, and polka and tamburitza.
Between the verses of 'When Midnight Comes' recorded by the Kapudji Brothers' Tamburitza Orchestra in Chicago in 1942, a song rich in Old World melody and harmony, we can enjoy some wonderful jazz-influenced solos by the excellent fiddler Bela Balog.
and "Tamburitza Lingua," feature DiFranco's expansive solo talent as she plays every instrument--from key bass to tamburitza, from electric guitar to tongue drum.
Lines like 'her conscience lit a cigarette and just stood there waiting for her to crack,' on Fierce Flawness suggest she's probably read a few hard boiled noir novels in her time and there's a definite New York groove to the jazzier 'night' set which opens to the puttering, lurching dirty Prince funk of Ain't That The Way and where Tamburitza Lingua unfolds as a spoken word performance piece to a tongue drum accompaniment while Maceo Parker blows greasy sax through What How When Where (Why Who).
On the derivation tambur (more accurately, tunbur) 'either, pandora' [less than] MP tanbur it may be noted that the ultimate etymon is Greek pandoura (by metathesis), a word that has furnished the name of a variety of stringed instruments from Italy to India (bandura, mandola, tamburitza, domra, tanpura).
Zivili ended each show by inviting audience members to request favorite songs and to dance to music played by the ensemble's tamburitza orchestra.
Stretching the boundaries of Western cultural and traditional folk dance music, the Toids combine Bulgarian dances, Greek rembetica, Macedonian songs and Tamburitza with original works, both danceable and meditative.
During one feast day, the tamburitza orchestra Becari (Be-cha-ri) performs.
For Serbs and Croats who have listened to this music all their lives, tamburitza creates a musical shorthand for their national heritage and individual histories: One song comes from a native village, another was learned from a father, yet another helped woo a wife.
Though Sloboda wasn't the original tamburitza group in St.
It severs the company from its colorful peasant garb and from its usual tamburitza accompaniments for the first time.