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n.1.A convulsive tic or hysteric neurosis prevalent among Malays, similar to or identical with miryachit and jumping disease, the person affected performing various involuntary actions and making rapid inarticulate ejaculations in imitation of the actions and words of another person.
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Huawei in partnership with China Mobile networks and KPN Netherlands, and China Mobile utilised IBASIS as a tandem office, conducted the test.
This IMS-based call was initiated by KPN Netherlands and connected by China Mobile utilizing IBASIS as a tandem office.
As part of this major upgrade, PLDT also plans to establish a central tandem office in the municipality of Pasig for high-speed interconnection to all metro switching centers, and add transmission capacity to local exchanges in Pasig, Garnet and Makati.
In addition, the Company announced that it had reached an agreement-in-principle to sell its Las Vegas, Nevada Tandem office and operations to an existing Tandem franchisee who will enter into a new franchise agreement with the Company for the Las Vegas territory.
The WACOS SoftSwitch Server and WACOS Gateway work together over an IP or IP/ATM backbone to form a distributed million-subscriber network that replaces traditional end-office, tandem office and mobile switching office TDM switches at one third of their cost.
The OCX can be deployed in a number of applications, including a Class 5 End Office, Class 4 Tandem Office, Edge Office Gateway, Enhanced Services Platform and in Wireless Local Access deployments (MSC, BSC, COT, NIU).
The Italian network, utilizing a combination of four World Access switches, including three CDX central office switches and one STX tandem office switch, along with its NTS billing system, is expected to grow significantly within the next 18 months.
This tandem office will act as a hub to 14 additional DCO systems across 11 counties, and will serve six Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).