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a. Discernible by the touch; palpable: a tangible roughness of the skin.
b. Possible to touch.
c. Possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete: tangible evidence.
2. Possible to understand or realize: the tangible benefits of the plan.
3. Law Relating to or being property of a physical nature, such as land, objects, and goods.
1. Something palpable or concrete.
2. tangibles Property having a physical form.

[Late Latin tangibilis, from Latin tangere, to touch; see tag- in Indo-European roots.]

tan′gi·bil′i·ty, tan′gi·ble·ness n.
tan′gi·bly adv.
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Noun1.tangibility - the quality of being perceivable by touch
corporality, corporeality, physicalness, materiality - the quality of being physical; consisting of matter
impalpability, intangibility, intangibleness - the quality of being intangible and not perceptible by touch


The quality or condition of being discernible by touch:
elle tutulabilmesomutluk


[ˌtændʒɪˈbɪlɪtɪ] Ntangibilidad f


nGreifbarkeit f


(ˈtӕndʒəbl) adjective
real or definite. tangible evidence.
ˈtangibly adverb
ˈtangibility noun
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The situation is suggestive of a reality and a tangibility that seem at variance with the vagueness and mystery and ghostliness that one naturally attaches to the character of a god.
Near the horizon the sun was smouldering dimly, almost obscured by formless mists and vapors, which gave an impression of mass and density without outline or tangibility.
She was thrilling with unexpressed love for the mother she had never seen, and this written speech from the grave seemed to give more tangibility to her having ever existed, than did the vision of her.
Nature of firm's assets or their degree of tangibility also seems to have significant effect on debt ratios for firms.
Other control variables include size, growth, profitability, tangibility, age, earnings variability, debt service capacity, dividend payout ratio, non-debt tax shields, degree of operating leverage, price-earnings ratio, promoter shareholdings, tax rate and uniqueness.
Capital structure determinants are except tax shields, profitability, size, assets tangibility, growth, signaling and cost of financial distress.
Good returns, a history of strong performance and tangibility make property an attractive investment, particularly compared with the volatility of the stock market and low returns on savings.
They discovered from their analysis that asset tangibility has most influence especially on the debt.
Specifically, when the dependent variable is net equity financing, the control variables include market-to-book ratio, asset tangibility, firm size, firm profitability, and an interaction term between After and the firm's cash reserves measured one year prior to the start of the crisis.
This show is the third and final chapter of BingE[micro]l's concentration on this particular project thread, which aims to blur the boundaries between the past and present as well as between museum display style and real-life tangibility.
LACK OF TANGIBILITY ; Offline, you can check the quality of the product.
Investment in Indian Property Sector is best investment amongst all asset classes for various reasons including highest LTV, tangibility, less volatility, rental income and appreciating asset.