tank circuit

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Noun1.tank circuit - an oscillatory circuit
circuit, electric circuit, electrical circuit - an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
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Currently also undergoing wet commissioning is the leach tank circuit with water being pumped through all tanks, pumps and piping systems.
The output voltage VAB of High Frequency Inverter Bridge is applied to the tank circuit.
As soon as the jellyfish develop enough strength to complete a full tank circuit, they will start to be weaned off the drugs.
This specification covers three-phase, high voltage, vacuum air insulated, dead tank circuit breakers along with maintenance tools, spare parts, and Vendor s field services.
CONDIS HV products perform reliably for decades in GIS, dead tank and live tank circuit breakers and other high voltage applications.
We are also pleased to report that the onsite modifications necessary to install the leach tank circuit to our pilot plant at the Columbus Project are proceeding on schedule," continued Birnie.
L) and the world's premier patent auction firm, will auction a patent portfolio related to Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) LC tank circuit technology at the upcoming Fall 2010 Live IP Auction in Napa, California on November 11th.