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Noun1.tannia - tropical American aroid having edible tubers that are cooked and eaten like yams or potatoestannia - tropical American aroid having edible tubers that are cooked and eaten like yams or potatoes
aroid, arum - any plant of the family Araceae; have small flowers massed on a spadix surrounded by a large spathe
genus Xanthosoma, Xanthosoma - tropical American tuberous perennials
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The homes targeted in the scheme are in and around Bri tannia Avenue, Altcar Avenue, Childwall Avenue, Dorset Avenue, Bird Street, Richardson Street, Garrick Street, Tunstall Street and Webster Road.
Foster, 52, and Tannia Case-York, 53, both of Veneta.
This year's jury includes Ananda Everingham (Actor), Tannia Tanwarin Sukkhapisit (Director), Kong Rithdee (Film Critic), Prachya Pinkaew ( Director), Areeya Chumsai (Director), Yuthana Boonorm (Entertainment), Adam Yukol (Director), John Anderson (USA, Film Critic)
Tannia (Xanthosoma mafaffa Schott), also known as yautia, is consumed by the 'indigenous populations', and it is highly appreciated because of its rhizomes and leaves.
F ifthin last year'sBri tannia off98, he'sn ow 2lb lower.
GALWAY (v Kilkenny): J Ryan; D Connolly, D Collins, G O'Halloran; T Og Regan, F Moore, J Coen; D Burke, B Flaherty; J Cooney, N Burke, A Smyth; D Hayes, I Tannia, B Daly.
The taro (Colocasia) from Asia and the similar tannia (Xanthosoma) of the West Indies are both known to have been early root crops.
After an expensive publicity campaign, the allsinging, all-dancing, multi-media launch of Bri tannia High was everything ITV had hoped for.
Tannia Benefield and her husband, Terry Likens, recently finished a 13-week "Financial Peace University" workshop offered by syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The author wishes to acknowledge Clarissa Mickle, MSN, RN, for her initial work on this program; Linda Yoder, PhD, RN, for her mentorship; and Tannia Cartledge, MS, RN, for her ongoing support.