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A paste of fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice, and potatoes or moistened bread crumbs.

[Modern Greek taramosaláta : taramás, preserved roe (from Turkish tarama, soft roe, from verbal noun of taramak, to comb, card (wool), apply a finishing process, of Proto-Turkic origin; akin to Old Turkic tarāmaq, to comb, perhaps of Iranian origin and akin to Persian tār, string, cord, thread; see sitar) + saláta, salad (from Italian insalata, from feminine past participle of insalare, to salt : Latin in-, in, on; see in-2 + Vulgar Latin *salāre, to salt, from Latin sāl, salt; see sal).]
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Taramosalata (cod roe dip) is there, too, at $8, and it's worth having.
From the list of cold platesCA we saw Taramosalata, (caviar spread, $6); melitzanosalata (eggplant dip, $7); and plates with three ($10) or five ($15) items
With the highly-rated Tzatziki and Taramosalata sure to be prominent, I'd say Olympiakos, who qualified ahead of Benfica from their group, are well worth a double-dip at 13-5.
They include a dazzling array of bite-size items from marinated olives, taramosalata with prawn crackers to sword fish from the wood fired grill.
At a rough count and over my 18-year residency in Cyprus, I must have ploughed my way through 17,000 meze dishes ranging from saganaki, braised squid, and every hue and tone of taramosalata, not forgetting the memorable evening when a plate of tasty sheep testicles accompanied by a grey glutinous mushroom sauce was served up, a dish which then gave me sleepless nights for over a fortnight.
90 and come with several pieces of pitta bread, you can also choose tzatziki, taramosalata or skordalia - a puree of potato, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic).
Miss loves a dip and this was her heaven - taramosalata, tzatziki, humus, tahini, scordalia and sliced beetroots served with warm pitta bread, replenished on request at no extra charge.
Houmous, tzatziki, taramosalata, prawns, Greek salad, pitta bread, chicken meli and rice, moussaka, keftedes, kalamari, potato skins, garlic dip, gigantes, beef stifado, dolmades and baked feta cheese.
Both mezes came with taramosalata, humus, grilled halloumi, crushed olives, and a tahini dip, all of which were nicely washed down with a refreshing pint of Keo, the nation's lager.
Starting off with Taramosalata, the meze style dip of cod fish roe was prepared with the right ingredients and spices.
2001), The (Re)-emergence of Growth vis-a-vis Control Dilemma in a Family Business Growth Star: the Case of the UK Taramosalata Kings.