target cell

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: cell - any cell that has a specific receptor for an antigen or antibody or hormone or drug, or is the focus of contact by a virus or phagocyte or nerve fiber etc.
somatic cell, vegetative cell - any of the cells of a plant or animal except the reproductive cells; a cell that does not participate in the production of gametes; "somatic cells are produced from preexisting cells"; cell - an abnormal red blood cell with the appearance of a dark ring surrounding a dark center; associated with anemia
erythrocyte, RBC, red blood cell - a mature blood cell that contains hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the bodily tissues; a biconcave disc that has no nucleus
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Equipment must integrate at least the following techniques: washing the cells and adjusting / reducing the volume of the cell suspension using continuous or discontinuous centrifugation under defined temperature, density gradient separation of buffy coat from the blood and bone marrow, the selection of the target cell population using marking technology of surface antigens of the target cells with monoclonal antibodies bound superparamagnetic nanoparticles, cultivation of adherent and non-adherent cells in a controlled atmosphere.
MPs alter target cell function, for example, MPs isolated from diabetic patients have pro-thrombotic effects on target cells [2].
Different cell volume with high target cell population between liver disease and homogygous hemoglobin E.
The method comprises the steps of (a) contacting a target cell with a delivery vehicle construct comprising a uPA portion and a cargo portion; and (b) obtaining a desired result in the target cell.
Specifically, the investigators examined the NK cell cytoskeleton (the part of each cell primarily responsible for the spatial organization of its components) during target cell killing in comparison to that of cytotoxic T cells.
The vectors will need to survive in patients' bloodstreams and dispense genetic material after they enter a target cell.
That combination of reverse transcriptase and protease inhibitors works against the virus inside the target cell.
Specifically, the product must have the right active ingredient, formulated in the right amount, with the right delivery system, delivered to the right target cell.
Begin by putting your cursor in the target cell and click on Format, Cells and Border and then select the diagonal box in which the slash mark rises from the lower left to the upper right (see screenshot below).
Alameda, CA) has patented a methods for introducing nucleic acids into a target cell using a transition metal enhancer.