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a. An object, such as a padded disk with a marked surface, that is shot at to test accuracy in rifle or archery practice.
b. Something aimed or fired at.
2. An object of criticism or verbal attack.
3. One to be influenced or changed by an action or event: Children were the target of the new advertising campaign.
4. A desired goal: achieved our target for quarterly sales.
5. A railroad signal that indicates the position of a switch by its color, position, and shape.
6. The sliding sight on a surveyor's leveling rod.
7. A small round shield.
8. A usually metal part in an x-ray tube on which a beam of electrons is focused and from which x-rays are emitted.
9. Biochemistry A molecule or molecular structure, such as a protein or a nucleic acid, that a drug or other compound interacts with and modulates the activity of.
tr.v. tar·get·ed, tar·get·ing, tar·gets
1. To aim at or identify as a target: targeted the airport hangar.
2. To identify or treat as the object of action, criticism, or change: targeted the molecule for study; targeted teenagers with the ad campaign.
3. To design for or direct toward a specific object or audience: targeted the ad campaign toward seniors.
4. Biochemistry To interact with as a target: drugs that target estrogen receptors.
on target
Completely accurate, precise, or valid: observations that were right on target.

[Middle English, small targe, from Old French targuete, variant of targete, diminutive of targe, light shield, of Germanic origin.]

tar′get·a·ble (-gĭ-tə-bəl) adj.
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30, 1997) of the first $6,000 of wages ($3,000 for qualified summer youth employees) paid to each targeted group member during the first year of employment.
Your unit was not targeted but it is being watched.
The board of directors of a corporation targeted for takeover has a legal responsibility to ensure that a tender offer is in the best interests of the corporation and its shareholders.
Open Standards-Based Solution Enables Cable Operators, Telecommunications Companies and Content Providers to Meet Growing Demand for On-Demand Content and Targeted Advertising
The question is important because if dogs are the only maintenance population in the reservoir, effective vaccination campaigns targeted at dogs should successfully eliminate human rabies from Zimbabwe.
The dogma for treatment of cancer has changed, with the cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy regimes set to lose their dominance and be used alongside targeted therapies that are being developed with the aim of more specifically targeting cancer cells.
com/reports/c44205) has announced the addition of Pipeline/Commercial Insight: Molecular Targeted Cancer Therapies - More Drugs on the Market, More Targets in the Pipeline to their offering
While fragmentation of the oncology market is set to occur as treatment becomes based on tumor growth drivers rather than primary tumor site, the use of targeted therapies, such as anti-angiogenesis chemotherapy agents.
RSS provides a highly targeted online advertising medium by subject and demographic.
At the same time, recent discoveries of activating and resistance kinase mutations have been driving the development of molecularly targeted anticancer therapies and we review progress in this area.

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