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also tar·oc  (tăr′ək)
A card game developed in Italy in the 1300s, played with a card pack consisting of four suits plus the 22 tarot cards as trumps.

[Italian tarocchi, pl. of tarocco, tarot.]
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Tenders are invited for Construction of concrete road from mala sarkar house towards tarok sarkar house at charmahula under rcgp.
It has a captive youthful market, the type that orders beer by the buckets and listens to rock 'n' roll-tonight's band, Tarok, plays a rollicking cover of Kamikazee's 'Martyr Nyebera.
Design team: Tarok El-Khatib, Partner-in-Charge of Design; Jurgen Henze, Healthcare Design Team; Amos Caspi, Healthcare Design Team
In a footnote in Myth and history in the historiography of early Burma, Aung-Thwin wrote, 'The word Tarup or Tarok is a current reference to the Chinese, but was said to have been a reference, at the time [i.
Revere's land disinters an undisclosed family secret or what Abraham and Tarok called a "transgenerational phantom" (165).
A program for playing four-player tarok was implemented incorporating a specialised instance of the decision model and a simulation module for bidding.
The conflict between the Tarok, a Christian tribe of farmers, and the Fulani, nomadic Muslim cattle herders, is rooted in competing claims over the fertile farmland of the southern Plateau state in the heart of Africa's most populous nation.
The violence reached its peak in May when a mainly Christian Tarok militia from a nearby town in Plateau State massacred more than 500 mainly Muslim Hausa/Fulani residents in Yelwa village.