tartar sauce

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tartar sauce

Mayonnaise mixed with chopped pickles and other ingredients, used as a condiment for fish and other seafood.

[Translation of French sauce tartare : sauce, sauce + tartare, Tartar.]

tar′tar sauce`

a mayonnaise sauce containing chopped pickles, olives, capers, etc., served with fish.
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Noun1.tartar sauce - mayonnaise with chopped pickles and sometimes capers and shallots and parsley and hard-cooked eggtartar sauce - mayonnaise with chopped pickles and sometimes capers and shallots and parsley and hard-cooked egg; sauce for seafood especially fried fish
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food

tartar(e) sauce

n˜ Remouladensoße f

tartar sauce

nsalsa tartara
References in classic literature ?
The supper consisted of a roast pheasant garnished with Corsican blackbirds; a boar's ham with jelly, a quarter of a kid with tartar sauce, a glorious turbot, and a gigantic lobster.
The new fish sandwich of called a cod dog which is crispy fried cod, tartar sauce and lettuce on a super light brioche roll.
A thali dish came served with avocado scampi, mushroom and sweetcorn chowder, pickled fennel and lava bread tartar sauce.
Big Dipper Sampler Also Try: Seafood Sampler is a platter of hand battered salmon sticks, golden fried white fish strips and Thai phoon shrimps with a bit of Cajun spice and panko breading served with chipotle mayo and tartar sauce.
A chapter on seafood alternatives includes dishes such as Vegan Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce, Hearts of Palm and Artichoke Cakes, and Vegan Crab Louis.
Recipes are appealing and fairly straightforward, for dishes like potato-crusted shrimp with tartar sauce.
Even his treatment of seafood, where he had tender cubes if giant squid served in a tartar sauce with truffle mash potatoes worked well with a rich oaked chardonnay we had brought along.
95 STARTERS | | White onion & Parmesan veloute, crispy shallots | Spanish chorizo and broad bean risotto, freshly-torn basil, Parmesan and lemon | Heirloom tomato salad, torn burrata cheese, aged balsamic, olive oil and garlic croutons, crisp rocket MAIN| | Beer-battered haddock, triplecooked chips, 'posh peas', tartar sauce, lemon wedge | Fresh clams cooked in a white wine, garlic and chilli sauce tossed in fresh spaghetti, finished with chives and lemon | Hudson Quay Lasagne, 12-hour slow-cooked Bolognese layered with fresh pasta and ricotta cheese sauce served with garlic and herb ciabatta | Wild mushroom and black truffle risotto, aged Parmesan, chargrilled asparagus | 6oz picanha rump steak served with triple-cooked chips, roasted baby tomatoes, rocket and Parmesan salad (PS2.
Serve with a lemon wedge and ketchup or tartar sauce.
The tartar sauce was the perfect side kick to the ever so crunchy Atlantis fried calamari.
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THE FOOD Star dish Fish 'n' chips, fresh haddock from Scrabster in a light crispy batter, served with hand-cut chips, garden peas and homemade tartar sauce PS9.