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A French open-faced sandwich, especially one with a rich or fancy spread.

[French, from Old French, diminutive of tarte, tart; see tart2.]


(Cookery) an open sandwich, esp one with a rich or elaborate topping
[C21: from French, diminutive of tarte tart1]
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Madame could not come to breakfast, and cut the tartines that Mr.
Grilled asparagus Tartine with cream cheese, mint pesto, and spring onion
LOLITA TARTINE The good folks at C'est La Vie have ventured into the Rosemary District with their French-accented cafe.
The tartine is a time-honored open-faced sandwich whose core simplicity belies its haute culinary name.
IN 25 YEARS of writing about food, I'd seen a lot of restaurant kitchens, but never anything like the back room at Bar Tartine, in San Francisco.
Quand on tartine ces faits constamment au spectateur lambda, dans chaque journal televise, ca cree des discussions avec les voisins.
For his feast in Longueville House, Donal's dishes include Sourdough Tartine with Blue Cheese & Roasted Honey Figs, McCarthy's Bramley Apple Bangers with Parsnip & Leek Mash, Sage & Cider Gravy with Black Pudding Crumble, followed by Apple Frangipane Tart with Apple Brandy Syrup.
The California based company will operate a coffee roasting warehouse and Tartine baking facility for its New York area operations in the building, as well as a caff and bakery to serve the surrounding neighborhood.
These Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies come from Chad Robertson of the highly regarded Tartine bakery in San Francisco.
NOON Shopping at Bangkok's answer to John Lewis and lunch with the girls in Cafe Tartine.