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One that determines or strongly influences current trends or styles, as in fashion or the arts.


a person or group that sets a new fashion


(ˈteɪstˌmeɪ kər)

a person or thing that determines or strongly influences what is or will be stylish or acceptable.
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As well as the bands on each bill, we invite bloggers, labels and general industry tastemakers to DJ between the bands as well as throwing after-show parties in the venue's downstairs bar at the weekends.
Often handpicked by many tastemakers to feature alongside them, Jon has a reputation as a fiercely diverse selector with the skills, experience and confidence to translate his evolving tastes to the dance floor.
Who are theatre's tastemakers, and what traditions are they continuing or challenging?
The coveted soiree was held at Park City hotspot, Church Public House and welcomed tastemakers and VIPs from the festival.
Pure Leaf[TM] Iced Tea is the premier sponsor for the The Black Southern Belle Collective conference, an event gathering hundreds of Southern-based tastemakers, entrepreneurs, brand strategists, event planners, creatives, interior designers, chefs, and professionals and connecting them with top experts and insiders in media, branding, retail, and business through curated, exclusive networking spaces in downtown Charleston.
On June 8, Surface, along with the team at Corcoran Sunshine, welcomed more than 150 creative professionals and tastemakers to the the launch of The Printing House Townhouses and Landscaped Mews in New York City's West Village.
The firm works directly with home furnishings brands, vintage dealers, designers and tastemakers to offer a curated merchandise assortment.
The PEPCID Tastemakers campaign started in 2014 to give the heartburn medication a right to play in niche foodie culture.
An exciting partnership between Victor and Cuba Educational Travel (CET), a premiere and federally approved on-the-ground operator that plans unique experiences with some of Cuba's top influencers and tastemakers, means that US travelers have access to the luxuries of the formerly forbidden island for the first time ever.
The company has been directed to immediately withdraw and recall all nine approved variants of Maggi instant noodles with tastemakers from the market," Lal said.
Green Man Rising offers a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work to the most prestigious tastemakers, influencers, music blogs and music sites including Mojo, CMJ, SXSW, The 405 and Goldflake Paint.
Aside from giving talks on latest design trends for the home, the two tastemakers tagged their favorite items featured in the annual show.