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 (tä-tä′mē, tə-)
n. pl. tatami or ta·ta·mis
Straw matting used as a floor covering especially in a Japanese house.



(təˈtɑːmɪ; tæˈtæmɪ)
n, pl -mi or -mis
(Furniture) a thick rectangular mat of woven straw, used as a standard to measure a Japanese room


(təˈtɑ mi)

n., pl. -mi, -mis.
a thick, woven straw mat of uniform dimensions used in Japanese houses as a floor covering.
[1895–1900; < Japanese, n. use of v.: to fold up]
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The entrance hall is paved in slate, the living areas--flooded with natural light from a glass ceiling--have wood strip floors and the bedrooms have inset tatami mats.
So the Kansai has lifestyle, design and cost of living advantages, but it still isn't enough to bring a tide of gaijin entrepreneurs from the Big Tatami Mat.
But Beijing is unlikely to do so because Tokyo is still investigating the bilateral trade dispute over Chinese stone leeks, shiitake mushrooms and rushes used to make tatami mats with an eye to completing the probe by Dec.
Imports of shiitake mushrooms, rushes for tatami mats and stone leeks in June were about one-third of those a year earlier following Japan's imposition of an emergency import curb on them, according to preliminary trade data released by the Finance Ministry on Friday.
Shi was apparently alluding to the emergency import curb Tokyo invoked April 23 on stone leeks, shiitake and rushes used in tatami mats.
The government imposed an emergency import curb on April 23 on stone leeks, shiitake mushrooms and tatami rushes, the bulk of which come from China, on a 200-day provisional basis allowed under World Trade Organization rules when there is a surge in imports.
Between The Sheets, owned by Fahad Ahmed Khalil Ali, trained by Talal Al Alawi and ridden by Gerland Avranche, followed suit shocking favourite Kyoma Tatami by one-and-half length to win the race for locally bred horses.
Here, Kuma has reinvented the tea house, for this outdoor platform serves the same role as tatami mats in an enclosed structure, while allowing natural light to penetrate to the mother's basement apartment.
The import curb, which is permitted under World Trade Origination rules, would be the second for Japan, following the ongoing 200-day provisional invocation, begun April 23, on three agricultural products mostly imported from China -- stone leeks, shiitake mushrooms and rushes used for tatami mats.
The agricultural ministry is planning to encourage domestic growers of stone leeks, shiitake and rushes used in tatami mats to cut production and distribution costs and shift to high-quality products, ministry officials said Tuesday.
He beat Mizuki to death two days later by punching and kicking her in the head and dropping her on the tatami floor.
Kyoma Tatami, owned by Al Montasir, trained by Alan Smith and ridden by Paul Smith, won the race for locally bred horses which also carried a cash prize of BD1,000.