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 (tä-tä′mē, tə-)
n. pl. tatami or ta·ta·mis
Straw matting used as a floor covering especially in a Japanese house.



(təˈtɑːmɪ; tæˈtæmɪ)
n, pl -mi or -mis
(Furniture) a thick rectangular mat of woven straw, used as a standard to measure a Japanese room


(təˈtɑ mi)

n., pl. -mi, -mis.
a thick, woven straw mat of uniform dimensions used in Japanese houses as a floor covering.
[1895–1900; < Japanese, n. use of v.: to fold up]
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Also, the interiors are original, with seating designed to resemble traditional tatami mats, a classic feature of Japanese culture.
As Japanese consumers reside in more modern homes and with many changing their flooring to more Western formats rather than traditional tatami mats, it is reasonable for them to opt for wipes for more causal cleaning on a daily basis rather than vacuum cleaning.
A Japanese teahouse is built for a family in Seattle that features shoji screens, tatami mats and a low table with a sunken floor, and a deck that overlooks the client's gardens and koi ponds.
Offering the taste of a bygone era in Kyoto, Machiya come complete with comfortable tatami mats, fragile sliding paper partitions, fragrant wood aromas and the total lack of chairs and elaborate furniture.
Crothall said one of the workers the group interviewed ''was promised a very comfortable dormitory with tatami mats with TV and refrigerator.
A western visitor to Japan is likely to be open minded about food choice but may not be used to eating at low tables on tatami mats.
In the afternoon we made love slowly on tatami mats.
The National Geographic range includes two scents: Japan Tatami, inspired by the fresh and soothing scent of the Igusa grass, used to make Japanese tatami mats, and Nevada Desert Flower, a delicate fragrance inspired by the rare scent of a flower that only blooms after heavy winter rain.
5m ceiling height of the lower floor, KDa proposed a raised island of tatami mats, fitted out in traditional style with cushions and low tables to allow improptu meetings and group work.
The large display area is nearly equivalent in size to two tatami mats (approx.
Those who become sleepy while bathing can nap in a daytime tearoom that morphs at night into a large slumber space with tatami mats and thin blankets.
The second floor hosts a "four and a half mat room," a meditation room with tatami mats.