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 (tä-tä′mē, tə-)
n. pl. tatami or ta·ta·mis
Straw matting used as a floor covering especially in a Japanese house.



(təˈtɑːmɪ; tæˈtæmɪ)
n, pl -mi or -mis
(Furniture) a thick rectangular mat of woven straw, used as a standard to measure a Japanese room


(təˈtɑ mi)

n., pl. -mi, -mis.
a thick, woven straw mat of uniform dimensions used in Japanese houses as a floor covering.
[1895–1900; < Japanese, n. use of v.: to fold up]
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We went to Ichiyama, a Japanese-style yakiniku where one dines Japanese-style-sitting on tatamis.
En effet, Houd Zourdani, Abderrahmane Benhamadi, Lyes Bouyacoub et Mohamed Amine Tayeb chez les hommes, et Sonia Asselah chez les dames qui sont en stage de preparation, ont ete exemptes des tatamis de cette Coupe d'Algerie [beaucoup moins que] de peur qu'une blessure compromette leur participation aux JO [beaucoup plus grand que], nous dira Messaoud Mati, le president de la FAJ.
Kyrgyzstan will receive 3 tatamis, sport equipment for international competitions.