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 (tä-tä′mē, tə-)
n. pl. tatami or ta·ta·mis
Straw matting used as a floor covering especially in a Japanese house.



(təˈtɑːmɪ; tæˈtæmɪ)
n, pl -mi or -mis
(Furniture) a thick rectangular mat of woven straw, used as a standard to measure a Japanese room


(təˈtɑ mi)

n., pl. -mi, -mis.
a thick, woven straw mat of uniform dimensions used in Japanese houses as a floor covering.
[1895–1900; < Japanese, n. use of v.: to fold up]
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Kyrgyzstan will receive 3 tatamis, sport equipment for international competitions.
Tightly woven long-staple cellulose fibers--also used in brown paper bags--form a pattern reminiscent of caning or basketry, or Japanese tatamis that have been somewhat thickened.